Cute Christmas Wrapping Paper: 25 Best Designs for Xmas

You’ve carefully planned your shopping and chosen your gifts – all that remains is to wrap them. Celebrate your thoughtful selections by wrapping each of them in the best cute wrapping paper designs this year.

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Christmas Wrapping Paper

In contrast to wrapping presents for bithdays and other occasions, Christmas gift wrap is much more likely to spend time on display before being destroyed. It might sit under your tree for a bit before being given to the recipient, whereupon it might sit under their tree for awhile until the big day.

This means that folks will have a chance to actually see and appreciate the wrapping paper you choose. This is an opportunity to express something with it, whether that's your personality, the personality of the recipient, a sense of design, or just a hint at what's inside.

We've collected 25 cute wrapping paper designs to help you on your quest to make Christmas perfect for your loved ones.

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