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27 Best Gifts for eBike Lovers

A shiny new electric bike is probably at the top of the list for most eBikers. But don’t worry if you’re on a tighter budget. We think they’ll also appreciate a cool gadget or accessory. As avid cyclists, we know just what will bring a smile to your giftee’s face. Check out our top electric bike gifts for every budget.

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Which eBike Brands Are Most Popular?

Electric bicycles aren't cheap, and some of the most popular brands have an established reputation for reliability and quality components. 

We've tested several eBikes and can suggest a few from well-known companies, based on personal experience. 

Companies like Rad Power Bikes, Trek and Charge are just some of the many other quality eBike manufacturers out there.

Looking for an awesome commuter bike? Models like the RadRover 6 Plus or the Charge Comfort 2 are reliable and relatively affordable.

They're also loaded with commuter-friendly features, like bright lights for safety and visibility and heavy-duty cargo racks that can haul groceries and more.

For adventurous riders, Trek has several electric bikes. 

One of the most popular models is the Verve+ 2, an electric hybrid that's great for commuting, daily adventures, and workouts.

Riders will get a boost from the Bosch pedal-assist system, with a motor that can power up to 20 MPH. Under the hood is a 400Wh battery that can cruise over 60 miles per charge.

A low-step version of the Verve+ 2 is also available for riders who prefer a bike that's easier to swing a leg over.

What Should I Get My Bicyclist for Christmas?

Unsure what to get your bicyclist for Christmas or another special occasion? You've come to the right place. 

I've been riding just about every type of bike for years, and have tons of gift ideas for electric bike owners.

Here's a quick breakdown of some cool gifts for beginners, senior riders and everyone in between.

Know someone who's just getting into electric biking? A good place to start could be a conversion kit that breathes new life into an old bike. 

A more advanced rider could benefit from a performance-boosting product like a Garmin GPS bike computer. It tracks more advanced workout metrics and makes it hard to get lost with accurate GPS maps.

For a senior or someone who loves to cruise around town and wants to bring a small pet, a pet basket is a really fun gift. 

What Should I Buy for an Avid Biker?

Does it seem like the avid biker on your list already has everything they need? Then it's time to look beyond the obvious eBike gifts and dig a little deeper.

One example is an eBike storage rack. It's a handy solution for storing heavy bikes and can open floor space in cramped garages and apartments. 

For the rider who doesn't let chilly temperatures slow them down, a pair of heated gloves can be a great investment. They blanket the palms to fingertips in comforting heat that makes frozen fingers a distant memory.

If you've got a fitness fanatic on your hands, help them stay in shape by training indoors when the weather's unforgiving. 

For the serious athlete, consider a Peloton spin bike or a set of rollers to keep their bodies and minds sharp.

How about Unique Gifts for Bike Lovers?

Cyclists are a quirky bunch. Surprise them with a unique gift they're sure to love. 

You can't go wrong with a funny eBiking t-shirt that broadcasts their love of riding to the rest of the world.

Another great gift is an automatic tire inflator that fills tires without exhausting arm pumping.

Or Luxury Gifts for Cyclists?

Need an upscale gift for an eBiker? Few gifts are more exciting than a shiny new electric bicycle. Upgrade their current ride or surprise them with their dream eBike if you really want to go big. 

You can also get them a Kuat bike carrier. It has all the bells and whistles and is a favorite among discerning cyclists. 

Of course, you can find lots of other great choices on our list. And if you need a larger selection of luxe gifts for that special someone, we've got you covered as well.

Which Are the Best Gifts for Bike Commuters?

Bike commuters are a hardy bunch, often taking to the streets or trails in the rain, snow and heat. 

Heating clothing, including gloves and vests, can make those cold, windy days a little more bearable. 

They might also appreciate a bright new light for the front or back of their bike. Since light batteries can degrade over time, you'll keep them safe night and day with a light.