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50 Best Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

14 is the age when they think they know everything. Unless it comes to picking out a gift. So if you’re looking for an awesome gift for a 14-year-old boy, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover over 50 of the best gifts for 14-year-old boys with our ultimate list below.

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What Gifts Not to Buy Your 14-Year-Old Boy

The list above contains some cool gifts for 14 year old boys that you should buy, but what about gifts that you should absolutely avoid? Here are a few gifts your 14 year old won't want:

  1. Toys for younger kids
  2. Out of style clothing
  3. "Funny" t-shirts (they're NOT funny to him, I promise you that). He doesn't want another goofy Star Wars shirt).
  4. Cologne - Trust me, you're not going to pick the right one; he doesn't want Stetson or Brut.

Best Gadgets for 14-Year-Olds

If you look in the list above, you'll find some great gadgets for 14 year old boys, including the Elgato Game Capture HD60 and the Nanoleaf Canvas smart lights.

One thing I didn't include in the list above that also makes a great gift for this age is a tactical flashlight - just make sure it's bright, LED, and rechargeable (like this one).