47 Best Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls: The Ultimate List

I am a proud dad of an independent-minded 15-year-old that rolls her eyes at things I say all the time. Yep, it’s true. However, when the subject of presents comes up, the eye-rolling stops. Like, immediately.

This list of the best gifts for 15-year-old girls was created while my daughter consulted from over my shoulder. From gadgets and clothes to bedroom decór and games, you’ll find some great (and sometimes funny) ideas here.

My daughter didn’t agree with every single choice on the list but, as I keep informing her, she’s not the center of everyone’s universe…just mine. If anyone’s looking to buy her dad something, take a look at our list of 101 handyman gifts. I’ll take anything.

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What is the Best Gift for a 15-Year-Old Girl?

Your daughter, niece, or granddaughter might be a little more challenging to buy gifts for now than when she was younger. Rest assured she's still the same precocious kid as she was back then.

You don't have to rely on cash or gift cards now that she's older. Her tastes may have matured but that doesn't mean she's changed completely.

Fun is the name of the game now whether it be in the form of games, gadgets, clothes, or goofy stuff. You'd best leave the handbags and makeup to her to pick out for herself but anything else is fair game. 

Anything personal or engraved like a bracelet or necklace will always be appreciated, especially coming from a parent. Don't overthink it!

15-year-olds want to hang out with friends but they still enjoy hanging out at home. Comfy, cozy, and cute gifts all work to make a special occasion just right.

What Should a 15-Year-Old Girl Do When Bored?

We all know that mobile devices are surgically attached to kids' hands these days. It's a good idea to make them put the phone down (they have to recharge sometime, right?) once in a while and do something analog for a change.

Our big go-to activity at home is playing a board game or cards. For whatever reason, our game closet is full of choices but we gravitate toward games played with a standard poker deck or Life.

Movie night is also a good one. Yeah, it's a big screen but at least it's a communal screen with popcorn involved. With some motivation, push your kid to spend the afternoon baking some creation to enjoy when the main feature comes on. If you're feeling really brave, let your 15-year-old choose the flick. It's only 90 minutes, guys.

Puzzles, when paired with something hot to drink and a rainy day, can be incredibly fun and soothing. You will almost be able to feel the tension drain without the buzzing and beeping of phones to get in the way of quality time with your kid. 

Turning their brains to focus on something other than a screen can be a tough pull however it can be done. Ask her to think up and write a bucket list in a journal or even seal it up in an envelope to open in 20 years. Doodling words into that journal can make for some creative downtime as well. 

Finally, don't make the mistake of thinking they don't want to help with household projects. They'll be happy you asked them to pitch in (maybe not at first) and you'll get the opportunity to teach them something valuable that hopefully they'll use later in life.

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