25 Best Gifts for 4 Year Olds

This post is full of the best ideas when it comes to gifts for 4 year olds. Four is such a developmentally crucial age, where they’re really starting to develop their own interests and hobbies and usually love to be active and creative. There’s a gift at every price point for both 4 year old boys and girls, no matter their interest.

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There are so many directions to take when shopping for gifts for 4 year olds.

High-end Gifts for 4 Year Olds

If you're looking for something that's really going to impress, consider some of these high-end gifts perfect for grandma or grandpa to get to spoil their grandchild. A swing set or motorized car will do the trick. 

Best Pretend Play Gifts for 4 Year Olds

Pretend play is a crucial developmental skill at this age and something all 4 year olds should be partaking in - and enjoying! Help spark pretend play with something like a kid's kitchen, an explorers outfit with binoculars, or even a dress-up kit to inspire kids to be whatever they want.

The Best Toys for 4 Year Olds

The best toys for 4 year olds usually require some type of skill - whether than be hand-eye coordination, some creativity, or even active toys for kids who like to jump and climb.

Themed Gifts for 4 Year Olds

Hatchimals are a popular toy for both boys and girls of this age as are Disney character products like a Mickey Mouse backpack. If you're looking for something Pixar related, consider Toy Story gifts, a popular movie for this age group. 

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