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23 Best Gifts for Bartenders: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Need a gift for your favorite bartender at your local bar? Or a gift idea for a friend or family member who tends bar as a career? We’re here to help with our gift guide.

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Bartenders put up with a lot. Drunk patrons, boring stories, late hours, and too little sleep. A bartender is there when you need a drink after a long day, or a sympathetic ear to listen to your tales of woe. So when Christmas rolls around, a bartender has earned a very special present indeed. What present is that? Well, that's kind of up to you.

We've compiled a bunch of great gift ideas that any bartender will love, including books, glasses, home goods, art, and much more. Our gifts will help them craft better cocktails, serve them in better glasses, and stay safe while imbibing their cocktail of choice.

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