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101 Best Gifts for College Guys: The Ultimate List

Guys are generally easy to buy for and gifts for college guys even more so. But that only works for basics items. How do you sift through to get to that perfect gift idea? Lucky for you, our list of best gifts for college guys was created with the approval of actual college guys.

We took a number of different directions to encompass a huge variety of interests. There’s sure to be something here that your college guy will absolutely dig. Are you ready? Take a look at our list below to get started.

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101 Listed Items

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What Kind of Gifts Do College Guys Need?

For most college students, heading off to school is the first time they've been away from home. It's easy enough to fend for themselves while they're at your house. Once they're away at campus, college guys will need basic household items.

While a blender or a rice cooker may not sound like an exciting gift, I guarantee that they will appreciate the thoughtfulness. College guys don't want to go shopping for appliances. Giving them what they need (and saving them from having to do it themselves) will go over better than you could possibly think.

Travel items like shaving kits and shower shoes are a big plus. Communal living whether if it's at a dorm, apartment, or fraternity house takes some getting used to. Personal items are nice to give as gifts because they're comforting and a little bit like still being at home.

The best gifts given will improve the quality of life for kids that really don't have much of a budget. We've all been there: do I buy food or that new set of headphones? Choices, choices. Gifts that give some sort of comfort and security while away from what they've known will be thought of fondly, even if it doesn't really come across at the time.

What Kind of Gifts Do College Guys Want?

Life at college is busy and stressful. There doesn't seem to be any time to get everything done. Gifts that take away some of that pressure and strain are really great. A single-serve coffee maker or a bike to travel around can be amazing things for your college guy to open.

Let's not count out the downtime that college students actually have. Items that create some fun like a video game console, television, or camping gear can all make great gifts. 

Above all else, college is a time for guys to figure out who they want to be. Establishing themselves as adults and creating a social network that may last for decades to come all starts when a guy first heads off to campus. It's a great time but also a little scary as well. 

Gifts included with care packages can make all the difference during those first years away. They don't need to be much, either: a fresh-baked batch of cookies along with a handwritten recipe and some cooking gear would be awesome.

A delicious taste of home along with some help getting it done themselves? Excellent gift!