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50 Best Gifts for Crafters: Your Ultimate List

Pick from these best gifts for crafters and spoil the artsy people in your life, no matter your budget. We crafters can never resist the allure of new and interesting supplies and tools so crafting gifts are a sure bet when it comes to buying for crafty people like knitters, scrapbookers, sculptors, jewelry makers, and people who sew. For more visual artists, check out gifts for graphic designers and the top drawing mannequins for artists.

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Is Crafting More Than a Hobby?

Some folks think of crafting as something simple to do to pass the time, but crafting is so much more than that. 

Crafting has health benefits including relief from depression, insomnia, and helping to prevent cognitive decline as we age. In times of widespread stress and uncertainty, picking up knitting or crocheting can make a world of difference for someone's mental health. 

Crafting is a community. Crafting spaces, either in person or online, create the potential for connection with like-minded people. Folks find some of their strongest friendships with folks who share their crafting hobbies.

For many, crafting becomes part of their identity. They are a crocheter, a seamstress, a scrapbooker. The label is important to how we see ourselves so giving presents that speak to that will make them feel seen.

Crafting is a profession. In uncertain times, hobbies can become careers. Millennials are particularly good at this. I've paid my rent with my crocheting and lots of folks are doing the same. Gifting them crafting supplies not only allows them to do more of what they love, but it might also help them make more money as well.

How Do I Choose the Right Crafting Gifts?

Focus on their particular niche. Tap their partners, friends, and parents if you're not sure what type of things they might like or need. 

If you're really not sure even what type of crafting they're into, go for organizational supplies. All crafters always need more storage

What Are the Best Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters?

Yarn. End of discussion. We always want more yarn. We are never, ever sad to receive more yarn.

What Are the Best Gifts for Crafty Moms?

It depends on what their particular craft is, but it's nice to give presents of crafts that involve their children or involve ways to captures memories of their kids growing up. 

Things like this Mosaic Stepping Stone Kit for a child's handprint.

What Are the Best Gifts for Woodworkers?

I've got a whole post on gifts for woodworkers so check that out if you're buying for a craftsman.

What Are the Best Gifts for Professional Crafters?

Professionals want the same things as everyone else, except that we want more of them because we've got supplies going out the door on a regular basis as products. 

Storage and organization options are a great choice for professional crafters as well as upgraded tools.