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50 Best Gifts for Engineers: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Engineers, be they civil, mechanical, computer, electrical, or another type that I’m not aware of, tend to enjoy gifts and activities that appeal to their left-brained nature. That means items that are scientific, technological, and inventive. But don’t worry: nerdy gifts don’t have to be analytic and boring.

Engineers, like do-it-yourselfers and handy people, enjoy fun projects and helpful tools so naturally, our list features a great many of those types of gifts. Everything listed here will be perfect for that special person in your life who enjoys solving challenging problems and making improvements to gadgets and whatzits. All of the items on our list of Best Gifts for Engineers are fun, creative, and perfect for living the geek life.

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What Makes a Good Gift for an Engineer?

It's safe to say that engineers look at the world a little differently than most other people. Analytic, yes. Brainy, sure. What they're looking for is a unique gift that will make their brain tick.

Resist settling on a novelty gift such as a t-shirt or keychain. Just because they're smart doesn't mean anyone should buy into stereotypes. The engineer you know will appreciate some thoughtfulness.

Finding a tool or instrument they might enjoy in their field of work will be a tough call unless you know them extremely well. This doesn't mean the gift has to be some sort of complicated, expensive doodad, however.

Most of the engineers I know have a completely dry sense of humor and enjoy life to the fullest. They like downtime just like anyone else. It's because of that sentiment that many of the items on our list are meant for fun at home or the office with a slant on living the geek life.

What Makes Giving Gifts to Engineers Different?

Gadgets in the 21st Century aren't just for kids anymore. Many engineers who enjoyed games and toys when they were children enjoy them just as much now that they're adults. The attraction to pop culture has evolved to make this practice not only socially acceptable but desirable. Yay!

Many of the toys from 20 to 50 years ago including LEGO and video games made such a mark on young minds that the creativity stuck hard. Movies such as Star Wars and The Goonies showed people what could be done when creativity, storytelling, and science teamed up.

That culture made a serious difference in what vocations kids chose for themselves when they grew up. Significant advances in medicine, technology, architecture, and more have been made possible because of how inventive movies, toys, and games grew.

When it comes time to give a gift to that engineer you know, keep in mind that not all of them are into old toys and games. That said, it's important to keep in mind that simply because an engineer is an engineer won't mean they're going to be into kid stuff.

However, the idea of creative practicality is threaded through engineering, architecture, and other relatable disciplines. With that in mind along with a hobby or two they might enjoy, you should now have a better idea of what the perfect gift will be this season.

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