50 Best Gifts For Graphic Designers

Never know what to buy for artists during the holidays? Discover the best gifts for graphic designers of 2021 and surprise them with presents they’ll love. We gathered a wide range of funny, cool, practical, expensive, and cheap options so you can find something in your budget that fits the person you’re shopping for. For more ideas check out the best drawing mannequins for artists and gifts for Millennials.

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What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Graphic design is the interplay between images and type so most academics would place the beginning of graphic design as the beginning of humans inventing writing.

It can be tricky to explain exactly graphic design is because if it's something you look at, there's a decent chance graphic design was involved.

Graphic artists have their hand in smartphone apps, websites, wall art, graphic t-shirts and clothing, book covers, ads, logos, signs, software visuals, packaging--just as a start. It's almost easier to list the things that aren't graphic design.

When Should I Get Funny Gifts for Designers?

If the designer you're buying for is already well-established and isn't lacking in equipment, they're probably a good person to go the funny route. They've been a professional graphic artist for a while so they've probably lived through the absurd clients and frustrating problems that come with being a designer and will appreciate the jokes on the funny shirts and mugs above.

What Are Good Gifts for Future Graphic Designers and Graphic Design Students?

Equipment, art tools, software, and office accessories are great ideas for folks who are just starting out. Maybe they don't have the cash to splurge on the best drawing tablet on the market but owning it would be a dream. 

They may also love essential designer reading like The Visual History of Type.

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