75 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Shopping for someone who spends all their free time on a mountain bike? From beginners to pro riders, here’s our carefully curated list of cycling gifts they’ll love. Whether they need a new bike or a hardcore cleaning kit to remove a week’s worth of debris, jump down to browse this year’s best holiday presents. You’ll want to bookmark this guide and check back often, as we’ll continue to expand it with more gift ideas for mountain bikers as the shopping season gears up.

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What Do You Get Someone Who Likes Mountain Biking?

There are lots of amazing gifts for mountain bikers. You could get them a cleaning kit that removes caked-on mud or the brightest night light for safely navigating trails in the dark. 

Still feeling stuck? Consider the essentials that every cyclist needs, starting with a bike to ride. We highlighted the Trek Fuel EX 9.7, which is an awesome value for riders who are ready to level up. However, it isn't cheap. You can save money and still get them a great bike by checking out these inexpensive mountain bikes.

A helmet is another safe bet. It can reduce head injuries by up to 70% and should be replaced every 3-5 years, according to Consumer Reports. Plus, you can help protect them against rotational injuries with a shiny new MIPS cycling helmet.

Which Are the Best Mountain Biking Gifts for Dad?

If you think your dad rocks because he spends his free time navigating gnarly terrain and shredding trails, surprise him with the best mountain biking gift for dad. 

Anything that brings a smile to his face and reminds him how great of a father and cyclist he is will go a long way towards making you his favorite child (if you aren't already).

We suggest something like this vintage tee that calls him a cycling legend or the Bikehand eBike Repair Stand that won't sway or tip as he's making repairs.

What Does Every Mountain Biker Need?

Besides a bike and helmet, every mountain biker needs a toolkit. It doesn't have to be big or full of tools they might never need, which is why we recommend the Vibrelli multi-tool.

On the other hand, the Park Tool AK-5 Advanced Bicycle Mechanic Tool Kit prepares mountain bikers for nearly any type of repair or adjustment. It's one of our top picks if you're searching for the best gifts for mountain bikers who like to do their own repairs.

Our list includes gift ideas for mountain bikers of all levels, including new and experienced riders.

Which Are the Best Unique Gifts for Cyclists?

It might seem like hardcore cyclists have everything a bike rider could want, but there's always something you can get them.

For example, they might already have a bike pump. But is it small and electric? If not, get them the CYCPLUS Portable Air Compressor.

A calendar for the upcoming year full of stunning photographs can motivate riders to sign up for races months in advance.

If you know a dog owner who feels guilty about ditching their furry friend, consider a dog bike basket. Most are designed for smaller dogs up to 15 pounds. We don't recommend aggressive trail rides with pets, but these baskets are a fun way to explore paved surfaces and gentle trails.

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