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25 Best Gifts for Older Women They’ll LOVE

When you’re looking for the best gifts for older women, and you want to find something that will be a major hit, we’ve done some sleuthing on your behalf (as well as used the guidance of older women themselves) to create this guide to all the gifts they’re going to absolutely love.

Shopping specifically for retirement gifts for women? Of course, we have you covered!

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When Is a Woman Considered Old?

Okay, we simply HAD to ask the question, because, in our minds, people are just people, without regard to age. But there is a lot of truth to the statement that getting old isn't for sissies. Physical abilities often decline, and aches and pains increase as we age, and so gifts that create some ease around those realities are always welcome. 

That said, still wanted an answer to that question we posed we found an article from The Washington Post that says (at least in the U.S.) women are considered old when they hit 73. Sorry guys. You snag the "old" moniker at just 70. Who knew?

What Are the Best Gifts for the Elderly Woman Who Has Everything?

The hardest thing about shopping for someone of more advanced years is that they've had time to acquire pretty much everything they need and most everything they want. That means you'll have to dig deep to find gifts that actually resonate with them.

Here's where we think technology can be a great option - if, and only if, it's extremely easy to use. Remember, someone who is 70 isn't likely to be a digital native. In fact, plenty of people who are younger than that still struggle.

Digital photo frames are a great gift idea because family and friends can upload videos and photos remotely, so they can simply enjoy them without having to do something to see them. 

Soundbars that are geared to assist with diminished hearing are another great tech gift that she'll really appreciate. We are huge fans of the ZVOX soundbar that is both dialogue-clarifying and has 12 levels of VoiceBoost. 

What Are the Best Fitness Gifts for Elderly Women?

There's simply no dispute about the fact that the older we get, the more important it is to keep moving and stay fit - not simply for extending life, but for the mental benefits and pain reduction exercise provides. Per this story from The GreenFields, fitness in the senior years can help prevent falls, improve cognition, and so much more. 

While you're probably not going to buy your grandma a set of home gym equipment, small dumbells and resistance bands are a terrific gift idea to help her build or maintain strength and flexibility. 

If you're shopping for someone who spends a lot of time sitting, you can help them get their legs in better shape with an under-desk elliptical trainer like the Cubii. They can slip it under their table or in front of their favorite chair and pedal while they're eating, playing cards, or reading.

If your older woman is still quite active, ensure that she has solid walking shoes that are the appropriate size. According to Washington University Physicians, women often wear shoes that are smaller than their feet, leading to a host of foot problems, especially later in life. 

When it comes to buying shoes as a gift for her, we'd recommend you make a date and take her shopping to get the proper fit. 

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