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101 Best Gifts for Parents: The 2023 List

Your folks have spent a lifetime acquiring what they need, so maybe this is the year you focus completely on their wants (go fun and frivolous) or simply on their bucket list of “most coveted” gifts. Discover 101 of the Best Gifts for Parents that are guaranteed to secure your status as their favorite child.

Looking for some great gifts that won’t break the bank? We’ve discovered plenty of gender-neutral gifts under $25 that are guaranteed to please.

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If you've gone through our list, but still feel stumped for ideas, don't worry - we have more!

What Are the Best Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything?

Yes, that makes your search that much more difficult, but there are plenty of options. We'd encourage you to consider gifts that are experiential. 

If they're physically fit, why not get them into a new sport? If they live where winter weather brings snow, consider some snowshoes or hok skis which are shorter, fatter and more stable than traditional cross country skis. 

If they're working on their fitness goals, encourage them with fitness trackers. Among our favorites are the Garmin Vívoactive 3 with GPS and the Fitbit Versa 2.

According to the experts at Runner's World, most users find fitness trackers to be very motivating, the first step in making life changes.

What Are Some Useful Gifts for Parents?

We think anything that takes an ordinary chore and makes it more simple makes for a great gift option. If your parents are getting older, think about options that limit their lifting and physical strain. 

Lithium-ion batteries have changed the world in so many ways. They're longer-lasting and lighter weight, so they've really made outdoor work much more approchable for both mom and dad. 

If you want to get them gifts in that area, consider a cordless blower and string trimmer set or battery-powered lawnmower that is not only energy saving but also a whole lot quieter.

Inside the house, you can simplify their lives with a robot vacuum, that empties itself, or other smart devices that let them control their environment with the sound of their voice. 

Smart plugs can convert their standard devices, and anything Alexa enabled is going to give them a world of possibilities.

Looking for Some Sentimental Gifts for Parents?

If your folks love those gifts that bring reminders of their family, there's nothing quite as cool as a digital photo frame like the Nixplay Seed. This smart frame allows everyone in the family to continuously upload photos of their lives, keeping your parents in touch with all the latest.

If they're not digitally savvy, you could create a personalized family tree photo frame with pics of all their grandkids.

Small notes and affirmations are always sentimental gifts for parents, especially if they're handwritten by you. If you don't have time to write them yourself, consider a sweet jar of uplifting KindNotes, and if you do, a fill in the blank journal with your thoughts will become a treasure they'll keep forever.

What Are the Best Cheap Gifts for Parents?

Is this the year you're shopping on a budget? Cheap gifts for parents don't have to mean crappy gifts. There are tons of awesome choices under $30 that they'll love.

Get mom a pretty silver and gemstone necklace, some solar patio lights, a pashmina shawl, or a great kitchen gadget that slices, dices, and spiralizes.

For dad, consider a few tiny tools that will be efficient in all sorts of situations. There's no better small gift than a Swiss Army Knife he can keep in his pocket, a multi-tool or a mini-hatchet.

Stainless steel water bottles, YETI travel mugs, and insulated wine tumblers are great gifts for both of your parents.