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50 Great Gifts For Plant Lovers: Ultimate List

Not sure what to get for that plant-obsessed green thumb in your life? These top gifts for plant lovers will make shopping a piece of cake whether you’re buying for a gardener, a home chef who loves cooking with fresh ingredients, or simply someone infatuated with houseplants. Let’s be real, these will likely make for great Millennial gifts too. We love our plant babies.

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Did Your Friend Go Plant-Happy in 2020? 

They're not alone.

According to Marketplace, spending on plant-related items in 2020 increased by over 18% and now in 2021, they've increased by another 30%. This surge of interest isn't going away any time soon.

Everyone who got into gardening and houseplants discovered how fulfilling growing can be and the connection you can make with your plants. Some people adopted pets in 2020 sure, but others became plant-parents and they'll appreciate you supporting their love of their plant-babies.

Houseplants and gardens need a lot more care and supplies than people realize and your loved one will be grateful for helping fund their habit. 

What Are Things All Plant Lovers Needs?

It's a little different depending on if they're a houseplant obsessed plant-daddy versus a backyard gardener but there are still some needs in common.

All lovers of plants need a water delivery system (unless they're strictly hydroponic) so something like an upgraded easy-pour watering can for gardents or a folding watering can for apartment dwellers.

Houseplant lovers will always, always want new pots. This is because if they have empty pots, they have to buy new plants--and that's basically the best gift ever.

Is a Plant a Good Gift for a Houseplant Lover?

Maybe. Plants all have very specific care needs and you would have to make sure that they had the ability to meet those needs, that way you're not giving them a plant to watch die. 

You also need to take into consideration if they have pets and, if so, you may want to narrow your search to pet-friendly plants. 

It's probably safer to get them a pot to pick out a plant for themselves.

Are There Plant Lover Gift Ideas Under $25?

You're in luck because there are tons of ideas on the cheap that run the gambit from extremely practical to gag gifts they'll love.​ 

What Are Plant Lovers Called?

It depends on who you ask. Anthophile is a Greek term used to describe animals who are attracted to flowers and we're animals so some plant-parents have taken up this label.

Then there are some people who have taken up the mantle of Hoarder Culturists, a play on horticulturist the fancy term for a gardener. These are the folks who can't stop adding to their collection and can't visit a nursery without coming home with "just one more plant."

Are Houseplants Good For You?

Science seems to suggest that having indoor plants around you has very real mental and physical benefits. Healthline runs down some of the proven perks of having plants.

Some of these benefits you may have already heard of like how houseplants improve air quality and can help reduce anxiety, depression, and even your blood pressure.

It was news to me that having houseplants can actually increase your productivity at work and help you recover from physical illness faster than people who weren't looking at plants. 

Excuse me, I need to go buy more plants right away.

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