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19 Best Gifts for Plumbers: The Ultimate List

Plumbers might be the most incredible people on the planet. They are counted on daily to deal with the messes that the rest of us leave for someone to clean up. You will know that was a literal statement if you understand what a plumber accomplishes on any given workday.

Show how much you appreciate what your plumber does with one of these Best Gifts for Plumbers. Whether it’s your local Joe or Janet coming to fix a broken water supply line at 2:00 AM or a member of your own family, plumbers appreciate thoughtful gifts at any time but especially this time of year.

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What Do You Buy a Plumber?

The answer is simple: the same thing you would buy anyone else. Plumbers aren't necessarily looking to receive gifts related to their respective trade. Most plumbers are down-to-earth people who enjoy providing services that people need in their homes and aren't looking for an overage of gratitude.

While most of the items on our Best Gifts for Plumbers list are unique tools specifically designed to help plumbers in their jobs, there are some fun things only casually related to the vocation, too. 

Resist the desire to give a jokey gift such as these "Potty Party" novelty socks or a two-pack of urinal shot glasses. Of course, if you know your plumber personally and they enjoy things like that, go for it. But for the most part, plumbers, like everyone else, appreciate a little thought going into selecting a gift.

Gifts like tools, clothing, and gear that are related to plumbing are always a good idea. You may be intimidated by the idea of knowing what to get a plumber for their job but don't worry. Tools get lost and forgotten.

The items on our gift list represent a good cross-section of excellent choices for the plumber in your life. Whether you decide on something professional or something fun, you can count on your plumber thanking you for your thoughtfulness.