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39 Best Gifts for Police Officers (Updated!)

Do you want to show your appreciation to the men and women who keep the peace? These best gifts for police officers run the gamut from practical presents they’ll use every day, to wickedly irreverent options they’ll love. We’ve tapped into a Salt Lake City police officer (and former SWAT Team member) for his insights on many of these gifts, so you’ll know you’re getting the kinds of presents that your favorite cop actually wants and will use.

Need some ideas for your doctor too? We’ve got some terrific gift ideas for them as well, and this is a year they definitely deserve some extra appreciation.

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Can Police Officers Even Accept Gifts?

If you're not shopping for a cop who is a close friend or family member, it may depend on the individual rules of a department per Officer.com. You never want to be in a position where you violate their code of ethics. One safe bet is to deliver something to a precinct office that can be shared by all, but includes a personal note about the officer you're wanting to reward.

Another idea, especially in our current times that are so fraught with tension, it is always appropriate to write an appreciative letter to a cop's commander or chief about their great way of dealing with you or someone you love in the midst of a crisis.

What Are the Most Practical Gifts for Police Officers?

It's easy to forget that cops are regular people too, so they like the same sorts of presents other people like. Whether they have kids, like sports, or love to complete DIY projects in their free time, there are lots of great gift ideas that will be seriously pleasing. In fact, perhaps the most important gifts are those that allow them to forget, if only for a little while, what they have to do every day for a living.

One thing we know about law enforcement officers is that they deal with a lot of stress. When it comes to practical presents, we like to recommend those things that can help relieve some of that stress and its related health effects. From heartburn and headaches to more serious physical ailments, stress can lead to long term health damage according to the doctors at Healthline.

While lots of police officer gifts seem to revolve around alcohol, we like those that involve exercise like a cornhole game or a portable basketball hoop that will help them burn off steam and play with their own or the neighborhood kids.

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