51 Best Gifts for Teachers: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

The end of the school year is almost here and Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us, so if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for teachers, you’re not alone. As many of our favorite educators spent the last nine months maneuvering socially distanced classroom arrangements, and live stream lectures and lessons, there’s never been a better time to show our appreciation with something special and memorable.

Our list of the best gifts for teachers features a variety of unique products, fun DIY projects, everyday essentials, cool kitchen gadgets, and wow-worthy ideas we know they’ll love. And, while an apple or a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils might be the old standard, there’s just something really cool about thinking outside the box and gifting something they’ll never expect. For some truly awesome gifts for your favorite educators, read on.

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Why You Should Buy Gifts For Teachers

If anyone is deserving of a gift, it's teachers. It's no easy task educating the minds of America, and for all their hard work, patience, and humor, it's important that we show them how much we care and appreciate all that they do for all of us.

Between the holidays and teacher appreciation week, there are a lot of opportunities to surprise your favorite teachers, teacher friends, and family members, with something they'll use and enjoy.

Regardless of when you choose to celebrate, just make sure your gifts for teachers are thoughtful and make a lasting impression.

Teacher Gifts: When's The Best Time To Give?

While teacher appreciation should happen every day, there are certain times of the year that are perfect opportunities to show them how much you care:

Start Of The School Year - it's always best to get off on the right foot with a little something special. No need to go crazy, but teacher gifts at the beginning of the year will help set the tone for the classroom experience.

Holidays - teachers are often busy prepping holiday gifts for their students and all of us, so make sure you have them on your shopping list, too. Teacher Christmas gifts are always appreciated and the holidays might be the best time to really go all-out.

Special Occasions - think of celebrating your favorite teachers and educators on their birthdays, retirements, and anniversaries.

End Of The School Year - If ever there was a time to buy teacher gifts, it's the end of the school year. Our list features classic ideas, unique gifts, and everything in between. But, if you're feeling especially cheeky, you can always go the funny route.

Teacher Appreciation Week - mark your calendars! Teacher Appreciation Week takes place during the first full week in May! A great time to buy them something special.

Gifts Outside The Box

As someone who loves gifting things to the people they love, and who's bought a fair amount of gifts for teachers in her life, I can tell you this: if you really want to make an impression, think outside the box.

A little thought and care go a long way in making an impact. And, teachers remember the good stuff, the meaningful stuff, the stuff that made them think and feel, "I'm appreciated." 

So, while many of the items on our list do have a teacher-specific theme, many of them do not. A lot of our picks for the best gifts for teachers are the sorts of items that are just different enough and unique enough to stand out.

We've also featured some items on here that are incredibly timely. Our world has changed and teachers are at the forefront trying to figure out how to do their jobs amongst the chaos. So, be extra kind. Be extra thoughtful. And, most importantly, be extra appreciative of what all those amazing teachers are trying to do.

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