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21 Cool Gifts for Tomboys: The Ultimate List (2023)

Have you got a rough and tumble girl who loves to play hard, get dirty, and have just as many hair-raising adventures as her friends who are boys? We’ve got some awesome gift ideas for tweens and teens that celebrate their bold and independent spirit. Check out these cool gifts for tomboys, and if you’re looking for gifts for girls of all ages and interests, we’ve got more than 100 great suggestions for them too.

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What Are the Best Gifts for Tomboy Toddlers?

No matter what, toddlers have a lot to learn, so finding gender neutral gifts that help them build endurance, strength, and self esteem are great ideas. 

Per the experts at KidsHealth, if you plan to involve them in more challenging activities, be sure to be patient about showing them how to do things before encouraging them to try it themselves. If you plan on getting them a ninja line or trampoline, you can be the voice of patience to give them a positive start.