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60 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Chances are you know one: a self-proclaimed sommelier, a “cork dork,” a grape connoisseur…a lover of wine. There’s no doubt about it: wine lovers are a pretty easy group to shop for. But, if you want to treat your favorite wine enthusiast to something more exciting than a bottle of their preferred Merlot, we’ve got the gift list for you!

Our list of the best gifts for wine lovers features all kinds of incredibly cool products designed to elevate and enhance the happy hour experience. From the best tumblers to the latest aerators to the coolest gadgets to the best picnic systems to the most fun and out-of-the-boxed-wine ideas, there’s something on our list for everyone. There’s even a DIY wine kit featured on our list in case they want to take the next step and make their own blends.

For the latest, greatest and coolest gifts for wine lovers, take a look at our picks below.

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Bottles Are Great, Thoughtful Gifts Are Better

Don't get us wrong, we love receiving a nice bottle of our favorite sippers, but sometimes gifts with a little more thought behind them go a long way in making an impression. Our list of the best gifts for wine lovers has a variety of ideas we know your favorite winos will appreciate just as much, if not more, than a bottle of wine. 

And, while there aren't any "rules" when it comes to gift-giving, it's always best to think like the person you're shopping for. Ask yourself, "what do they want?" "Would they really like this?" And, as a good "rule" of the thumb, we recommend finding fun and unique items with all kinds of wow-power.

So, if you're shopping for gifts for wine lovers, make sure it's something they'll love, use, and think is completely cool. There's a lot of great options on our list, and we'll be adding more.

Wine Gifts: How To Best Give Wine

If you do decide to treat your friends and family to bottles of wine we have a few suggestions on how to make it special and not just the easy play:

Make it specific to them - if you know they like Merlot, make it a Merlot. If you know which winery is their favorite, select a nice bottle from their selections. Personalizing the wine in this way is the perfect way to make it more special.

Give them one of your favorites - the best wine gifts are the ones with stories and personal connections. If you have a favorite Chardonnay, giving that away with an explanation on why you love it and what it pairs well with, will make an impact and will encourage them to try it.

Cool labels - if all else fails, and you're not seeing any of your favorites or their favorites at the store, try and find what we simply call, "cool labels." You know the ones - bright colors, fun designs, jokes, puns. The wine might not be that great, but they are definitely something fun to give!