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21 Best Gifts for Winter Athletes

With winter approaching fast there are a lot of folks gearing up to hit the mountains and trails. Since the holidays and winter season start right around the same time this is the perfect opportunity to get the winter athlete on your list something they will love. These are the best gifts for winter athletes based on our extensive research. Never buy the wrong thing for the winter athlete on your list again.

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What are the Most Desired Gifts for the Winter Athlete?

There are a lot of gifts that a winter athlete would love to unwrap during the holidays. This list has 21 options that are ideal for the types of activities that winter athletes love. From snowboarding to skiing to hiking in the woods these gifts have any athlete covered. They range from super creative to standard gifts that everyone should own. There are a few that stand out from the rest and those are some of the most desired gifts for winter athletes this holiday season.

Obviously, for any snowboarder, unwrapping and getting to take that first run in a new snowboard is a gift that will keep on giving. A new board will not just receive a ton of 'thank yous' from the receiver, but it will get so much use and be more appreciated than anything else. This gift is a gift that will get them up and on the mountain more than if they didn't have a new board. 

A new snowboarding jacket can really come in handy especially with temperatures already dropping. Burton makes some of the coolest looking and most comfortable snow gear on the planet so a new Burton jacket will definitely be a welcomed gift This super cool jacket is a pretty pricey gift but is well worth the investment. Burton gear is waterproof, warm, and will last for years. The jacket can be worn during any winter activity, not just skiing or snowboarding. 

For the winter adventurer that loves to travel with their gear, there is only really one gift that is secretly on all of their wish lists. A cargo box for the top of their vehicle will make traveling with their gear even easier. They can hit up multiple resorts for skiing or drive into the woods for a chilly winter hunt. No matter the reason, having this cargo box will make life easier and give them more options for their winter activities. 

What are the Most Unique Gifts for Winter Athletes?

There are some gifts that don't appear on everyone's list but that every winter athlete needs in their gear pack. Some are totally cool tech ideas that make the cold weather a little more bearable. Some are hybrid ideas that should have been thought up and created years ago. Either way, any winter athlete would be lucky to open one of these gifts this year.

Heated clothing is incredibly cool and can keep a person outdoors for hours longer than without. This heated vest is a gift that not a lot of folks know to ask for but will wear every time they go outdoors. Anyone that receives a heated vest will be super grateful for the gift and the thoughtfulness of the gesture. They won't leave home for the woods or mountains without it. 

Night skiing, night snowboarding, night hunting, and ice fishing are all highly fun but can get very dark very quickly. Adding a little extra light can extend the fun for hours longer than anticipated. The one thing a winter athlete hates is cutting their adventure short. Give them the gift of light with an awesome headlamp while also keeping them safer longer. 

What pairs better with winter sports than some good tunes blaring in a person's ears? Nothing. Music makes everything better, including hunting, hiking, or snowboarding. They will be able to listen to their favorite playlists via Bluetooth and wear a pretty cool-looking winter beanie. This gift is really two gifts in one. A stylish hat and wireless headphone speakers that can go anywhere with your favorite winter athlete.