71 Best Gifts for Women in Their 20s: The Ultimate List

Looking for gifts for women in their 20s? Look no further. As a woman who recently concluded her twenties (BEST. DECADE. EVER.), I’ve compiled this guide with the help of my girlfriends who are still in their twenties.

I discovered that gifts for twenty-somethings remain appealing even when you’ve reached your 30s. (That, or maybe I just haven’t matured much.)

Read on to discover the best gifts for women in their 20s. (Or, if she’s still in school, check out our guide to the best gifts for college girls.)

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How did you find all these exciting gifts for twenty somethings?

We spoke to women in their twenties -- both starting out this amazing decade of their lives, as well as those cruising towards their thirties.

(Plus, it was only a couple of years ago that I was a twenty-something myself.)

We also considered the fact that women in their 20s are often on the go, whether traveling or commuting. So we included several travel-themed gifts that would work well for a stylish young woman.

We also know how hard young women hustle. (That's millennial-speak for working long hours, and/or being an entrepreneur.) So we included several items that would improve the lives of women who spend long hours staring at their screens.

Where do you get gift ideas for 20 somethings?

We personally tested a lot of these products, to make sure they would make great gifts.

It was hard work. (It might have been even harder than that time we had to test the best weed vaporizers.)

For more details, click on any of the product reviews above.

Are these good birthday gift ideas for her, too?

Absolutely! These can be Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, you name it. Whatever the occasion, these thoughtful gifts will make any twenty-something woman smile.

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