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101 Best Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

We’ve gathered the very best gifts for women who have everything so you don’t have to stress about shopping. These unusual items will surprise and delight even the most discerning lady for any occasion. On a budget? Go with the best unisex gifts under $25 or unique gifts for her for more ideas.

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How Do You Shop for Gifts for The Woman Who Wants Nothing?

We all know just how hard it is to find a present for someone like this. Even if you've got money to spend, finding something perfect for the woman who has everything is painstaking and stressful--and that stress gets even worse when you have a limited gifting budget.

Whether you're shopping for a wealthy woman who has everything, a woman who is surprisingly hard to shop for, or someone who refuses to give out gift suggestions, our gift guide will help you find something that's truly perfect for her. 

If you're looking for more strategy ideas there are a couple of angles to look at.

What About Personalized Gifts?

Pick out something that you can customize specifically for her. It will be a gift unique in the world and the fact that you customized it adds value to the gift because of all the thought that was put into it.

This can be something like a gift that includes the coordinates of a place that is special to the two of you, something to do with her favorite song or city, or something as simple as adding her name or initials. 

Personalized gifts show you took that extra step and made just that much more effort when shopping for her.

What Are Some Unique Gifts She Doesn't Own?

I know it seems like she has everything, but she doesn't. There is always something either cutting edge or obscure that she hasn't even thought of yet. Think brand new technology, trending fashions, or simply weird gifts.

When she's a very worldly person, sometimes you've got to get a little weird with it. Does she already own a mushroom growing kit? Probably not because she'd never considered it despite loving mushrooms--but she sure is thinking about it now. 

What Are Some Gifts That Solve a Problem?

Another strategy is to take something that you know isn't perfect about her life and offer a solution. That does not mean any sort of self-help book. Pump the brakes on that.

I'm talking about if you know she hates letting her car warm up in winter, get her a remote starter. Have you heard her complain about not sleeping well? Get her a weighted blanket.

These types of gifts not only make her life better, but they also show that you've been paying attention, listening to her, and thinking about making her happy.

Does She Really Have Everything? Nope.

I know it can seem intimidating to buy for someone who won't tell you what they want, but follow the tips above and you'll be set.

Our guide to the best gifts for women who have everything includes many affordable gifts, as well as some presents on the luxurious side. We update this post multiple times per year (more often during the holiday season) to reflect the latest and greatest gift ideas and gift-giving trends, so bookmark this post and check back the next time you've got another gift to buy.