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101 Best Gifts for Young Men in Their 20s

Trying to find the best gifts for young men in their 20s is a difficult endeavor. They jump from one hobby to the next, unsure of which of those hobbies actually matter to them. So, we’ve gathered 101 great gifts for young men in their 20s. It doesn’t matter what they love or what they are into, we’ve got gift ideas across all price ranges and each one will leave him with an ear-to-ear smile.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Despite knowing your boyfriend better than anyone, it's still possible that you need help if he's between 20-29 years old. Why? Because, as we stated above, his life is changing so rapidly during this time that he's still developing his likes/dislikes/hobbies/etc. So it's okay to look to us for great Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend!

I think, here, you might want to look at some more universal options. You can't go wrong with a great pair of earbuds or something like a Nintendo Switch - they're pretty much universally loved by the age group. Other options here include some great-smelling cologne or maybe some higher-end skincare products for men that he might not be willing to buy himself just yet.

Gifts for the Impossible Man

We all know that one man in our life who is absolutely impossible to shop for. If you've got a brother or friend between the ages of 20 and 29 years old, and he's impossible to shop for, we're here to help.

Some of the best gifts for the impossible man in your life include even more universal gifts than those few mentioned above. Things like higher-end/more expensive clothes he probably wouldn't buy for himself - like a cashmere scarf or Spyder snowboarding jacket - make great Christmas gifts. A USB power bank that'll charge anything is a good option. High-quality travel bags or backpacks also tend to go over very well with those who are typically hard to shop for and don't know what they want.

Unique Gifts for Men

There are plenty of unique gifts you can get young men in their 20s that you might not have thought of. Anything having to do with food - mega snack packs, snack subscription boxes, etc tend to be really appreciated. Coffee or beer clubs are also well-received. You can also create your own Amazon Prime Wardrobe box for him, curating items you think he'd like and letting him decide if he likes them/wants to keep them!

Gifts for Young Adults Under 25 (20-25)

If you're looking for great gifts for young adults under 25 years old, I'd start with the video games/tech space. By now, they've graduated and have a full-time job (at least, that's what the statistics say). Get them that Xbox One X they've been wanting. Grab them an Apple Watch. Get them some new Airpods. At this age, anything that's got that coolness factor makes for a great gift.

Gift Ideas for Adults Under 30 (26-30)

Once they're over the 25-year hump, they're going to start maturing with their ideas and tastes - or, at least, trying to appear more mature. Here, whiskey clubs/wine clubs are a good option. You can also look at things for the home if he's got his first home now.