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21 Best Gifts for Youtubers

One of the benefits of being locked down for nearly a year is the increase in content on Youtube. With the excess free time on their hands, people are finding their voice via the video platform. There are quite a few essential items that each Youtuber requires to produce quality content successfully. This list features the best gifts for Youtubers to increase subscribers, likes, and followers. The holidays are here and for the Youtuber on your list, these are the best gifts for those special content creators in your life that seem to have everything.

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What Makes for a Great Youtuber Set?

Trying to put together a really great set for a Youtuber takes a lot of time as well as trial and error. If a Youtuber is really serious about making a living from their videos and streams they might take more time putting together their set. They create a specific ambiance and vibe with lighting and items that reflect what they are discussing. For makeup tutorials, a Youtuber might include models or makeup cases in their set. If the Youtuber is a gamer they might feature posters and action figures in the background of their set. While each set is different there are some items that are common in multiple sets. Lighting is super important when trying to put forth a professional vibe. The right Youtube light really set the mood. This "On Air" light is super cool and will create warmth to the featured set.

What are Easy Ways to Gain Subscribers and Views?

The one thing that all YouTubers have in common is the desire to gain more followers, more subscribers, and more views. Some will watch the view tallies daily to see what they can improve on and how many people are enjoying their channels. The comments section is studied to see what they can change to get more people to tune in. A lot of channels will have pop-ups near the end of the video asking to subscribe and share, but maybe there is another way to ask for subscribers without having to repeatedly ask. This tee-shirt is a great way to discreetly ask for followers and subscribers without saying the words. If the Youtuber is having a hard time deciding what to wear during the filming of their videos, this shirt will give them an option that is not only fun but can also help get more people to check out their channel. 

What Item is Important to Include in a Youtube Starter Kit?

Controlling all of the lights and microphones and anything else that is connected to the channel can be stressful, to say the least. There is an item that can help a Youtuber control everything on their set. From their laptop to the lighting rigs to the microphones that the guests are using, this digital control deck is super convenient and will organize everything within a one-touch system. There are multiple decks available from 6 keys to 15 keys to the massive 32 key setups. This is a smart buy for any Youtuber that has organizational issues. Bring everything together onto one simple-to-use item.