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101 Best Harry Potter Gifts Any Fan Will Love

Harry Potter ranks amongst the biggest franchises in the world like Star Wars and Marvel. For Harry Potter fans, wizard-themed gifts are a great choice for any occasion. This massive list contains our favorite Harry Potter gifts for any fan, no matter which house they love best. So browse below to find something that’s the perfect Potter present – or maybe just something for yourself.

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Where is the Harry Potter Store?

Many don't know that there are official Harry Potter stores that you can enjoy. The original is dubbed The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4. It's located at Kings Cross Station in London if you find yourself in the area. 

For those in America, Harry Potter New York opened in April 2021. It's not just a shop (though there's a ton of merchandise). Here, you can check out the Butterbeer Bar to get yourself a drink. The Wand Shop is a magical experience akin to building your own lightsaber at Disney. And while exploring the three-level shop, you'll encounter confections, toys, games, personalized items, and much, much more - all magically themed around the wizarding world.


Harry Potter Gifts for Adults

Harry Potter is one of the magical properties (pun intended) that is revered by both adults and children. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released in 1997. So teenagers that read the novel upon its release are now well into adulthood.

For this reason, Harry Potter gifts for adults is a popular search term when researching gift ideas. And there's a ton of cool options to choose from. 


Harry Potter Gifts for Teachers

It makes sense that a story that heavily revolves around professors, students, and a magical school would be popular amongst school teachers. Amazon has a ton of cool Harry Potter gifts for teachers. You'll find t-shirts, mugs, totes, desk plates, teacher appreciation cards, and a bunch more right here


What Harry Potter Items are Worth the Most Money?

Barnebys has a great article that breaks down some Harry Potter items that are worth a ton of galleons. And some of them are can be pretty, pretty expensive

The most prestigious of all is a handwritten edition (one of seven) of The Tales of Beetle the Bard. It was purchased at auction by a representative from Amazon for nearly $4 million, which was later donated to charity by Rowling. 

The chair that Rowling wrote the first two Harry Potter books sold at auction in 2016 for nearly $400,000. A signed first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone went for $162,500 in late 2018. A set of glasses that Daniel Radcliffe wore during the filming of the Sorcerer's Stone was bought for $20,000 in late 2015. And Sirius Black's grey linen overcoat worn by Gary Oldman in Prisoner of Askaban was auctioned off for about $18,000 in 2007.