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50 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long distance relationship gifts are one way to show affection when you can’t simply drop by or offer a hug. We’ve gathered a wide range of options so whether you’re looking for something for your partner or a gift for a friend or couple who are in a long distance situation, you’ll find something they’ll love. That said, not everything has to be about the distance between you. Your long distance boyfriend would probably still love unique gifts for boyfriends that aren’t related to being apart.

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Long distance gift ideas because these partners deserve it.

Living in a long distance relationship is hard. Modern technology has brought us closer than ever, but it still can't completely make up for the distance.

But just because there are challenges doesn't mean these relationships can't be amazing, long-lasting, and love-filled. In fact, many studies have shown that people in long distance relationships have higher levels of satisfaction in their relationships and have better communication than close-proximity couples. 

Customized long distance gifts.

These are a lovely way to show more thought and get them something that is unique to them and their situation. Gifts that represent their locations are particularly neat to knowledge the distance they're overcoming.

Surprises for long distance boyfriends, girlfriends, and partners can mean everything.

Birthdays and holidays aside, a just-because gift that surprises them in the mail can say so much. It says you're thinking about them and want to spoil them for no reason other than you care about them. It can help bring you closer and alleviate some of that frustration that comes from missing each other. 

A note on gender: I did my best to include as many gender-neutral options as I could but gifts of this type tend to be very gendered toward heterosexual couples. Ignore all that as needed and do things your way.