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101 Most Popular Gifts: Your Ultimate List (2023)

One of the best ways to pick a great gift is to take inspiration from the gifts other people are buying. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most popular gifts of the year, with best-selling ideas for people of all interests. From trend-chasers to weirdos, our list has you covered.

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What are the Most Popular Gifts of 2023?

While all of the above gifts are sure to be hits this holiday season, there are a few products that really stand out from the rest. My predictions for this year's top 5 products are the AirPods 3, the Ninja Air Fryer, the Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak, the Fire TV Stick 4K, and the Apple Watch Series 7. I'm not adding socks on there, but realistically, that might actually be #1.

The big reason why these gifts are likely to be so popular is that they have extraordinarily broad appeal. They work equally well for people of all genders and interests, and with the exception of the Instant Pot, for people of all ages.

They're also products that have the potential to be your giftee's "big gift" for the year. They've all got a definite wow factor. When in doubt, purchasing any of these is a super safe choice that your giftee is almost guaranteed to love. 

What Are The Most Popular Gifts for Kids?

When it comes to buying gifts for kids, you're going to want to focus on products that fit their interests. Most kids will have one or two books, TV shows, or movies that they absolutely love. Ask their parents if you don't know off the top of your head and go for a product that's related to those interests. 

If your giftee loves Star Wars, then the Star Wars Galactic Snackin’ Grogu will be the perfect toy for them. I also think that the Gili Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit is a solid choice.

The coolest gift for kids on this list, though, is the new Echo Glow smart nightlight, which is something that both young children and their parents are sure to love.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive list of popular gifts for kids, take a look at some of the hot new toys available this year, including our top Christmas toys

What Are The Most Popular Gifts for Tweens?

Tweens can be a challenging group to shop for because they're in that awkward middle-ground between kid and teen. That said, there are a few great products on this list that are perfect fits.

If your tween is interested in makeup and nail polish, you may want to consider the Gellen Gel Nail Polish Nude Gray Series, the BS-Mall 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set, or the Easehold LED Vanity Mirror. If they're more into action and adventure, the GoPro HERO11 is sure to rock their world, while the Nintendo Switch Lite and Apple AirPods Pro are great ideas no matter what their interests.

What Are The Most Popular Gifts for Teens?

When shopping for teenagers, you want to look for products that match their interests and have a certain cool factor. Teens, as a general rule, are very concerned about their image and social status, which is something that's worth keeping in mind when looking for gifts. That said, the above list has several gifts that teenage guys and girls are sure to like

One of the most common interests among teenage guys is video games, so that's always a safe direction to go when hunting for the perfect gift. I've already spoken at length about the Nintendo Switch Lite, so I'll give that a rest for now. Instead, I'll give special mention to the Logitech G900 Gaming Mouse and the ASUS 27" 2K 165Hz Gaming Monitor, both of which are great gifts for teenage guys who are interested in PC gaming. 

Before purchasing either of these gifts, though, you'll want to confirm that their existing mouse and monitor are in need of being replaced. If they are still using a basic mouse that isn't specially made for gaming, the G900 will be a huge hit, as it will greatly improve their gaming ability and experience. The ASUS monitor will require an extra bit of reconnaissance since you will want to make sure that they have a gaming computer that will benefit from the increased power the monitor can support. That said, it will be worth the effort because this monitor would definitely be a show-stopping gift.

Other great non-gaming gifts for teenage boys include the Buffway Slim Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet, the JBL Flip 5, and the GoPro HERO11.

For teenage girls, there are a few directions you could go, including the above gaming products—if they're into gaming—as well as beauty products, clothes, books, and just about anything else. My top recommendations from the above list are the Apple AirPods Pro, the BS-Mall 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set, the Gaiam Yoga & Exercise Mat, and the LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set.

What Are The Most Popular Gifts for Wives?

A quality Christmas gift for your wife is the perfect way to remind her how much you care — so no pressure! Jokes aside, shopping for your wife can be easy and enjoyable, and there are some great products on this list to get the creative juices flowing. 

If your wife loves cooking, the Instant PotNinja Air Fryer, and Ninja Personal Blender may have been on her list for a long time already. Or if you aren't sure if she wants another cooking gadget, the Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine might be a better choice, as it will allow her to enjoy high-quality espresso drinks without having to visit the local coffee shop. 

The two books included in this list—Becoming by Michelle Obama and Educated: A Memoir—are also great gifts for your wife if she hasn't read them before. Both of them are widely celebrated autobiographies written by strong and successful women, and they're easily two of the most popular books available right now. 

Alternatively, you could always go the tech route. The Fire HD 10 Tablet is a super affordable tablet that's perfect for watching videos, playing games, and browsing the web. If your wife spends a lot of time doing these activities on her phone, she might enjoy doing them on the Fire's gorgeous 10-inch screen instead. The Apple Watch Series 7 is another great choice.

What Are The Most Popular Gifts for Husbands?

Finding great gifts for men is notoriously hard, but there are a handful of products listed above that are pretty safe bets.

If your man loves gaming, check out the Nintendo Switch Lite, the Meta Quest 2, or the ASUS 27" 2K 165Hz Gaming Monitor. Or if they are always looking for the latest gadgets, consider the Apple AirPods Pro, the Microsoft Surface Go, or the Apple Pencil

There are some other great options for men with specific interests. The Garmin Approach S40 GPS Golf Watch is perfect for golfers, while the Binging with Babish Cookbook is great for food and film buffs. Alcohol enthusiasts will be pumped about the Cresimo 24 Ounce Cocktail Shaker Bar Set. Or, if your guy has generally luxurious taste, then you could consider these high-end gifts for men instead.