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52 Best PhD Graduation Gifts: Your Ultimate List

Earning a Ph.D. requires thousands of hours of research and sacrificing almost all social activity and sleep. But now that the work is complete, it’s time to celebrate and there’s no better way to acknowledge this type of achievement than with a thoughtful Ph.D. graduation gift. We’ve highlighted some of the best options below, which range from humorous memorabilia to luxurious gifts that truly feel like a reward for their hard work.

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How Much Should You Spend on a PhD Graduation Gift?

According to GradSchools.com, the average cost for a Master's Degree in 2016-17 was almost $25,000. So considering that your favorite PhD graduate is likely saddled with debt, the ideal graduation gift would probably be a lump sum of money to help with their student loans. But everyone's situation is different. And maybe your own situation doesn't make that a possibility.

That's where we come in. We've talked with a variety of recent Ph.D. graduates to find the most appreciated gifts across all price ranges. That way, you have the option to find a graduation gift in a price range that is comfortable for you.

So while a luxury item like a premium watch or some nice noise-canceling headphones would be an exciting gift for someone who has been living off ramen noodles for 8+ years, an inexpensive gift can be just as thoughtful.

The key is finding a gift that has a specific meaning to them, be it a reminder of the obstacles they overcame to get here, or a part of their life that they sacrificed to be able to complete their education. Or, again, you could just write them a check.