27 Best Pumpkin Spice Products You’ll Absolutely Love

Before we embark on a journey of discovering the very best pumpkin spice products, we pose a question: From whence cometh pumpkin spice? It’s a noble question with a simple answer: from Starbucks, of course. Well, not really – they just made it ultra-popular!

But seriously, a big reason for this list is, in fact, rooted in the Pumpkin Spice Latte. The PSL is a drink that — with the help of a giant coffee chain, 21st century technology, and tribal customs (read: Starbucks, smartphones and social media) — single-handedly created pumpkin spice mania.

It’s Pumpkin Spice Time

One measure of its popularity is the fact that Starbucks has started releasing the PSL earlier than it ever has. It’s no surprise since Starbucks says the PSL is its number one most popular seasonal beverage. We’re just calling it PSS — “Pumpkin Spice Season.”

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What is Pumpkin Spice?

It’s pretty simple: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, allspice. It is that combination — or something close to that combination — that was added to pumpkin to create the well-known flavor that greets us when we take a bite of pumpkin pie. The products in the list all contain that flavor — or something close to it.

One more thing to say about pumpkin pie: the most popular canned pumpkin puree in the U.S. is from Libby’s, and it isn’t really pumpkin. It’s a Dickinson squash. Before you say, “What the Dickens?!” it might be helpful to know that the USDA does allow manufacturers to list squash as pumpkin, even if it’s not a pumpkin (which is a squash).

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