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50 Best Sexy Gifts: Your Ultimate List

If you’re looking to heat things up, we’ve gathered the best sexy gifts of 2023. There’s a wide range of risque gifts with something on here for everyone’s comfort level. A quality blindfold or a pick from our How to Build a Sex Room of Your Own is another quick way to add some spice to the bedroom.

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Do Sexy Gifts Make for Good Presents?

In my opinion, definitely, but it depends entirely on the person and your relationship. That's why I'm writing this mini gift etiquette guide. No one wants to make it weird.

This isn't exactly the same thing as getting someone a hedgehog gift if they're super into hedgehogs. It's not as black and white with sex gifts which is why I'm going to help break it down for you.

When Are Naughty Gifts Nice?

When it's for a romantic or sexual partner you're in the ideal zone for sexy gifting fun. Sexy gifts are not recommended for ex-partners or for partners you're hoping to have sex with but haven't yet. These types of presents are pretty traditional with married couples to keep things interesting. 

When it's for a very close friend and that's the sort of friendship you have. If you've talked about your toys with each other and have more than a passing knowledge of their sex life, this can be a really fun gift opportunity. 

When you have a very open and comfortable relationship with the person. Depending on your comfort level discussing and being open about sex, this may or may not apply. I've exchanged with relatives and it wasn't weird at all, but that's not going to be every family dynamic. 

What is the Biggest Sexy Christmas Gift Rule?

Never make anyone open their less-than-kid-friendly gift in front of others. These aren't gifts for the big family opening circle. It can be anything from uncomfortable to downright embarrassing. These are private gifts. Give them in private.

What Are the Rules for Giving Adult Gifts to Partners?

Studies at Berkeley have shown that couples with a strong sexual relationship tend to be more satisfied in the relationship as a whole. Adding a little risque fun into your life is even more important for long-term relationships. After the chemical-fueled daze of puppy love, psychologists say it can take a little more conscious effort to surprise and excite your partner.

For best results, make it a gift both of you will enjoy. That way what you're giving is an experience for the two of you as lovers. That will help mitigate any potential for weird feelings or negative assumptions they could make. A cock ring says, "Let's have fun later," but a sleeve says, "Go have fun by yourself."

Shop around together beforehand for fun to see what they gravitate to, what colors they like, and what simply isn't for them.

If you're not sure how to bring it up, say you got an ad on your social media for this really weird toy you want to show them for laughs which at least gets you on the subject. (If you need an example of a toy weird enough you'd want to show people, check out the L'intimate on Amazon: a vibrator disguised as a working lint roller.)

Avoid anything that could be construed as, "You're bad at sex." Skip the self-help books that teach your partner how to pleasure your body type. Books that focus on their pleasure or toys that are for both of you are a good way to skirt this issue.

Are There Rules for Sexy Gifting for Friends? (These Apply to Partners Too.)

Know your friend and have common sense. If you've never once talked about masturbation together, a rabbit vibe probably isn't the best Christmas gift. But if you've exchanged vibrator recommendations, you're pretty much in the clear.

Unless your friend has made very specific preferences known, go with non-realistic, non-flesh tone toys. Some people are squicked out by realistic vibes so you've got a better chance for success with something on the neutral side.

Be thoughtful about their living situation. If they've got roommates or curious kids, it doesn't matter how awesome the Hitachi Magic Wand is because it's just too loud. 

And if they've just gone through a breakup, now might not be the best time for this type of thing. (Or it might be the perfect time! You know them best.)

I hope that's helped to answer some of your questions about giving naughty gifts this season and I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it.

Is It Okay to Give an Adult Gift as a Joke?

We're not 16 anymore. When you give a sex toy as a joke, the joke people are laughing at is the idea of the person using it and that's not a very nice gift.

You might give someone a tentacle toy because you think it's absurd, but they might be secretly into that and you've made them feel pretty lousy for a long time to come.

Be sincere and mature or just don't. 

What About Bondage?

Don't jump right into buying them bondage tools unless you've talked about kinky stuff together before. Opening up a box full of bondage gear can be pretty rough if they have a trauma history you don't know about.

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