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101 Best Small Gifts for Men They’ll Actually Use

Sometimes the smallest gifts turn out to be the biggest hits. While your man probably wants a few large gifts for his birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas too, we’ve discovered more than a hundred small gifts for men that have been vetted by guys, for guys. Remember, small doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive. Price aside, he’ll be delighted to unwrap these great gifts.

Read on to dicover the very best small gifts for men – all picked by our shopping experts.

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What Are the Best Small Gifts for Men Who Have Everything?

It's always hard to find the right small gifts for men who seem to have everything. That's when small electronics, the perfect pair of cufflinks, or a special ring might be ideal options. After all, small doesn't have to mean cheap, right?

Although, if you've agreed to keep things on a budget, an extravagant purchase might actually offend your giftee, according to this article by Amanda Crowell of Quartz. 

Oftentimes, unexpectedly quirky small gifts can actually end up being the biggest hits. 

What Are Some Thoughtful Gifts for Men?

Finding thoughtful gifts for men really requires you to do a little personal work. What one guy finds thoughtful, another might find too personal or intrusive. Consider having him take the 5 Love Languages quiz, or better yet, take it as a couple. 

You'll learn what actually makes him tick and by the same token, he can learn your love language too. For some people, touch is the most important expression of love, so you might want to consider a hot stone massage kit and learn how to give him the perfect at-home spa treatment.

For other guys, affirmations are incredibly important. A jar of KindNotes might be exactly the key to his heart. Perhaps acknowledgment is his hot button. Perhaps you can find a wall hanging that speaks specifically to the things he cares most about. 

What Are the Best Funny Small Gifts for Him?

It's our experience that men have a well-developed sense of humor, and when you're searching for funny small gifts for him there are so many hilarious ideas to choose from. 

While we've included a few of those items on our gift list (check out the book near the end of our recommendations) you can almost guarantee you'll get him giggling with any gift from the folks at Poo-Pourri, who have mastered the art of potty humor like no other. 

What Are Some Cool Gifts for Guys?

When you're looking for something small but really cool, check out the latest additions to Amazon Launchpad, where you'll find all kinds of gift ideas from toys to techie stuff along with plenty of special interest categories.

Also, consider his special interests. If he loves to barbecue, check out the plethora of grilling gifts which are, by nature, smaller in size unless you opt for a big gas grill or the like.

If he's an outdoors kind of guy, the Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen is sure to give you tons of small gift ideas that will all be the biggest hits.

If his passion is travel, we've got a ridiculously cool list of awesome travel gifts as well. 

One suggestion that we have found works well when you're looking for gifts for him, whether large or small, is to keep a running list of things he expresses interest in so when it comes to gift buying time, you'll be totally set!