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21 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

The subscription box has really changed the gift-giving game. From coffee to beer to clothing, there are options and boxes to cater to any guy’s specific needs. Waiting for and getting that box every month will make him a happy dude. Be a gift-giving hero and invest in the guy in your life’s happiness with one or more of these best subscription boxes for men. Any guy would be lucky to have one or more of these subscription boxes delivered right to his front door. Check out the best of the best below.

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The monthly subscription box is not a new concept, but it has become more streamlined and there are exponentially more options in the year 2022. 15 years ago there were only a few options for a monthly or even bi-monthly subscription box. Now, if there is a need for it, there is a box for it. From food to beer to coffee and clothing, there is a subscription box that will make an awesome gift no matter the kind of guy you are shopping for.

As it is with most recurring purchases the more you buy the more you save in the subscription box world. The bigger the boxes the larger the discount and most sites will give you a big break on price if you pay for the whole year at first purchase. Aside from each box being totally cool and curated to be increasingly unique, the subscription box gives guys a chance to experience that Christmas morning feeling year-round. 

What are the Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men?

So there are a few different ways you can get your subscription boxes. Most offer a monthly option, others a 3-month option. Typically the monthly option is the best bang for your buck because of all the cool stuff you are getting at a discount price. Make sure you check out pricing options for every subscription box plan because there are some hidden savings in each. There is a box for every taste and budget. 

There are millions of men out there that take a great deal of pride in their lawns. There's something about getting your hands dirty and creating something beautiful that just brings out the best feeling. Having a lush green lawn and gorgeous landscaping provides another level of pride that one can have in their home. GetSunday.com is a lawn care monthly subscription box that is an amazing deal and actually teaches a guy how to create the perfect lawn. From gardening to heavy landscaping there are plans for every level landscaper. From just getting started packages to expert-level deals you can go from no lawn to pro lawn in no time.

The majority of the guys I know would consider themselves a grilling gurus. From hosting BBQs and bonfires to dragging the grill onto the field after a double-header, there is just something about lighting a fire and cooking meat that brings out the best in a man. The good folks at Grillmastersclub.com understand that euphoric grilling sensation and put together a monthly box that includes recipes, grilling tools, and gadgets and rubs and sauces that will up your game. No matter the weather or temperature, it is always a good time for grilling. 

What are the Most Unique Subscription Boxes for Men?

If you can think of it, there is probably a subscription box that contains it. The OG subscription box would bring meat directly to your door. Prime cuts of beef, poultry, pork, and even rarer meats would hit your doorstep month in and month out. Cutting open that box and seeing the surprise awaiting you on the inside is a nostalgic feeling that not many guys can turn down. Receiving a subscription box as a gift is awesome because it is a box of cool, free stuff every month or every couple of months and the anticipation makes the contents of the box even more exhilarating. 

As far as uniqueness goes, Horrorpack.com is one of the subscription boxes that jumps out at me. The monthly box will arrive at your door with horror movies and content that will expand your need for gore blood and terror. Receive dozens of amazing titles from the well-known to the wildly niche but increasingly awesome scare flicks. If you are a horror movie fan to your core, this is the subscription box for you. 

Another really cool subscription box that was a definite outside-the-box thought is Clubtac. The survivalist subscription box comes with so many totally cool and unique items that will make the doomsday prepper and outdoor enthusiast extremely happy. With gear ranging from outdoor survival guides to knives and axes to food and tools, the Clubtac box definitely markets to a certain group of guys. Guys that want to be prepared for anything. Guys that like to live off the land and push their limits. If you have a guy on your list that loves the outdoors and wants to be prepared for anything, check out Clubtac. 

Giving as a Gift

There are a lot of dudes out there that will buy a subscription box for themselves. For the folks looking to get their guy an awesome gift, there are almost always options on each site on giving their specific box as a gift. Most of these great sites even have boxes that are curated especially for gift-giving. Regardless of which subscription box you decide to gift this year, any guy that gets one as a gift is going to be thrilled. After all, it isn't just one gift, it can be as many as 12 gifts over the course of a year, and oftentimes the more you buy the more you save.

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