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51 Best Sushi Gifts for Sushi Lovers

People who love sushi really love sushi. The simple idea of sushi brings joy to our hearts which makes giving sushi gifts a sure thing for any occasion. Also check out gifts for Millennials as they’re a lot of crossover between these two groups.

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Is a Sushi Making Kit a Good Gift?

Chances are, yes. I don't know who you're buying for but as long as they're old enough to be trusted with knives, sushi making kits are solidly good fun for everyone. 

Trying out a new cuisine brings some fun back into cooking that many of us lose between trying to balance work, family life, and dinner. 

Can Sushi Made at Home Ever Actually Be Good? 

Of course. I started making sushi at home years back when my husband went to grad school and we didn't have the budget to eat out for sushi as often as my sushi-obsessed heart wanted. 

It takes some time to master the technique of rolling and cutting and they're probably never going to look as nice as restaurant sushi, but you can create some truly tasty sushi.

What About Raw Fish?

I stick to cooked sushi rolls like sweet potato tempura, crab, smoked salmon, and vegetables. (Fun fact for vegetarians: eggplant tempura and spicy mayo makes for a nice spicy crunchy tuna substitute.)

But you can work with raw fish at home as long as you're aware of the food safety concerns and are choosing the right ingredients. According to the FDA, consuming raw fish, at home or in a restaurant, carries the risk of parasites. 

Surprisingly, when it comes to sushi fish, fresher isn't better. This is because it's the process of freezing fish to specific temperatures for set lengths of time that kills the parasites and makes the fish safer to eat. 

Chances are you don't have a freezer at home that goes down to -31 degrees Fahrenheit so you have to leave the freezing to the professionals. Fish that has gone through this process is often labeled "sushi grade" or "sashimi grade." 

These terms aren't federally regulated and anyone can slap them on fish, so make sure you're shopping from a fishmonger you trust. PBSWhile it isn't an official designation, generally, fish that is labeled "sushi grade" means that the person selling it is confident you could eat it raw. 

If Socks Are Boring Gifts, Why Bother Including Sushi Socks?

Here's the thing--socks are only boring if you're under 25. Once we're over 25, we've been in charge of buying our own socks fora while and they're always getting holes. Replenishing our sock supply with socks we didn't have to buy ourselves and they look awesome? That's the best. 

So sure, socks aren't a trip to Disney World or anything, but they get a bad rap as a gift. Getting socks for Christmas is one of my favorite things because then I have fun, funky socks that I likely wouldn't have splurged on to buy for myself.