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10 Best Italian Gift Baskets

There are gift baskets…and, then, there are Italian gift baskets. We don’t mean to disparage the shopper who wants, say, a Canadian gift basket. But, really? You know that you can’t miss with a basket full of Italian greatness when it comes to giving Christmas gifts. It’s the long tradition of Italian food that beckons: who doesn’t love Italian food?

There are many different types of Italian gift baskets on this list. Some don’t come with a basket, but some other container—and, often, those containers—like the baskets— can be repurposed or (dare we say) re-gifted. Others include foods associated with Italian food, but not necessarily from Italy. And still, others feature foods that are strictly Italian. We’re not judging one better than the other. We are asserting that these baskets would be a great gift for someone who loves to indulge!

There is just something about Italians…about Italy…about Italian food. Put it all together, and you can just bundle it up and gift it in the form of a terrific basket from our list of the 10 Best Italian Gift Baskets.

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Italian Gift Baskets: How We Built the List

We established a few criteria for putting the list together.

* Basket ingredients -- I don't like baskets unless they truly have food in them. No fluff here. All good foods.
* Variety -- Of course, you'll find that many of the baskets share common items. However, I made sure that, overall, there is a variety from basket to basket.
* Food from Italy -- I also wanted to find gift baskets that contain products that are Italian made. This might seem like a no-brainer, but think about it: you can get a great dried pasta (traditionally thought of as an Italian food) that is not made in Italy. It doesn't make the pasta any less delicious or legit. But it is fun to zero in on imported items.
* Number of items -- You might love a 22-item gift basket, but it could be that you're buying for someone who would do better with an eight-item basket.
* Photo -- We're also including the best possible photo that shows the size of the basket. Some photos aren't so great, but you'll get the idea.
* Weight -- Because some of the photos could be better, I wanted to give another good indicator for what the basket is like. I'm including the shipping weight -- not because you have to trouble yourself with shipping, but just to give a better idea of the size.

To get in the Italian spirit of things, take a look at this really fun video about "20 Rules Italians Never Break." It's from a guy named Marco in a Box and it's not only entertaining, but it's also educational.


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