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75 Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Her in 2022

Every lady on your gift list is special, whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister or daughter. Because each woman deserves some thoughtful gifts that are unexpectedly creative and different, we’ve found some of the most unique Christmas gifts for her.

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What Makes a Gift Unique?

It's all about your personal perception and finding something you (and your giftee, of course) find out of the ordinary. That can definitely be challenging, especially if you're shopping for someone you don't know well, although it can be even more difficult when you know someone deeply.

If you need help defining the difference between unique gifts and something that's simply different than what you might regularly give, this explanation makes it clear that when you're after unique, you've set the bar pretty high.

What Are the Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Women?

Clearly, it depends on the woman. You can't buy one thing that will strike a chord for each lady on your list but start by thinking outside the box. 

If she's normally conservative in her dress and appearance, she doesn't need another strand of pearls, but this gold South Sea pearl and diamond pendant would be a unique look for her (as well as a splendid gift choice, quite honestly.)

If you're shopping for someone who lives closer to the land, these handmade metal garden markers would be a unique gift idea that would show you've been paying attention to who she is at a deeper level.

Thinking about a woman who is particularly eco-conscious and outdoorsy but still likes to keep a few ties to the civilized world? The BioLite Campstove 2 lets her create wood-fired meals and charge her devices at the same time. Definitely a unique gift idea for her.

What Are the Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Women Who Have Everything?

Usually, even when it seems your lady has everything could ever want or need, that's the perfect time to get her something totally unexpected and splurge-worthy.

That doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank, it just requires some thought on your part. Sleuth out some special interest by listening. Has she always wanted to travel? Perhaps Rosetta Stone foreign language lessons would be the perfect option for her.

Does she love the latest film releases? Perhaps a Redbox Movie Time gift basket would tickle her fancy. Among the best gifts that you can give your lady, and everyone else in your life is the ability to truly listen and understand their needs. This article from SkillsYouNeed breaks down just why listening is an art and, as it turns out, it's a whole lot different than just hearing.