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101 Best Unisex Gifts: The Ultimate List 2023

Gender-based gifts are so passé. Consider kicking those tired, old ideas to the curb and instead shop for cool gender-neutral presents that range from hip, fun, and fabulous, to downright hilarious. These are the Best Unisex Gifts to make every occasion special.

This year, unique experiences and gifts that save the planet are more important than ever as we all rethink the way we celebrate special days. We’ll help you find great gift ideas that appeal to everyone’s interest.

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Are There Any Rules Around What Is or Isn't Unisex?

Considering that unisex basically means any "thing" suitable for use by anyone of any gender or no identified gender, but according to Urban Dictionary, there still appear to be a few exceptions to items you might have considered unisex. 

They cite a few hilarious examples of these exceptions (which are purely subjective, BTW) including some judgment about clogs being exclusively for women, The thread is worth reading for a giggle or two if you happen to need one.

What Are the Best Unisex Gifts for Babies?

We love that the world of pink and blue gifts has finally come to an end and that you can give babies cool stuff in every color, although we highly favor tie die baby clothes as the most appropriate unisex baby gift choice. 

What About Unisex Gifts for Toddlers and Kids?

The days of trucks and guns for boys and dolls for girls has also evolved, and thank heavens! In fact, experts at Psychology Today are pretty clear about the fact that dolls teach nurturing, empathy, and caretaking. Who wouldn't want boys to learn those important life skills as well as little girls? 

By the same token, girls need to play rough along with their friend boys and siblings say the pediatricians at Kids +. This sort of play makes kids smarter and builds on social skills. That's why we vote for cool gifts like Ninja and Slacklines which build confidence as well as physical strength.

What Are the Best Unisex Gifts for Teens?

Clearly, teens are probably the most gender sensitive, so it's easy to make a bad choice without even realizing it. If you're looking for something that's guaranteed to be a hit, you can't go wrong with electronics like Airpods, Bluetooth speakers that deliver plenty of bass, and any kind of gift card that lets them choose for themselves.

Whichever age group you happen to be shopping for, there are so many great choices on our list of recommendations, you're sure to find the right thing in a snap. Good luck!

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