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25 Best Valentine’s Day Sex Toys

Valentine’s Day sex toys are one of the best ways to spice up your V-Day plans this year, whether you’re spending it with a partner or alone for a little self-love. It’s a perfect time to try something new and exciting.

If you’re away from your sweetie this Valentine’s day, check out sex toys for long distance partners or Bluetooth vibrators.

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Tips for giving naughty Valentine's gifts

In the same way that finding the perfect gift can be complicated, (they've even written academic papers on it), adding sex creates another layer to navigate. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for the risque choice. 

When sexy gifts pay off--they really pay off. Often for both of you on Valentine's Day if you're invited to join in testing the new gift out. Studies show that people are actually happier with experiential gifts and these gifts are certainly going to give them an experience. 

There are a few simple rules for choosing which and if Valentine's sex toys are a good match for your situation.

The best match is if you are intimately involved with them.

This seems like a given, but you should likely reserve giving sex toys to someone you are sleeping with. They are not appropriate gifts for people you want to have sex with but haven't. That's creepy. Don't be that guy.

You can give sex toys to friends depending on your relationship.

Here's a good test on if giving a sex toy to your friend is a good idea: How much do you know about their current toy collection? Do you know their favorite sex toy brand? Have they given you recommendations for certain toys?

If you have zero clue on how to answer any of these questions, you probably don't have the type of relationship that exchanges vibrators on holidays. And that's okay. Boxed chocolates are also fantastic V-Day gifts anyone would love to get.

Avoiding sexy gift mistakes.

The biggest misstep when giving a sex toy as a gift is choosing something that makes them feel like you're not satisfied with the sex you're already having.

For example, you wouldn't want to give a penis-extender to your boyfriend and your wife probably wouldn't appreciate a book on how to give better blow jobs. 

(But real talk, this book has tongue exercises that you and your partner will be glad you learned.) 

Aim for a gift you can use together or on each other. Partner toys are great for this, but any toy can be a partner toy if there's more than one person in the room or on a video call. 

A note on gender.

I have used the medical textbook words for our anatomy in this article for clarity's sake, but my word choices are by no means definitive. Please replace them with whatever names you use for fun bits.

As a gender-expansive person, it's important for me to be clear that sex toys aren't gendered so if they work with your body and you enjoy them, they're for you. End of story.