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101 Weird Gifts: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Welcome to our weird world of weird gifts. Every family has a black sheep. That offbeat somebody who is more than a little hard to shop for. That black sheep is me. I was born for this post. Read on to see our top picks for unique gifts for uniquely weird people.

If you’re looking for something more festive, weird Christmas ornaments are a good choice as well.

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101 Listed Items

Quirky gifts for quirky people.

We all have that friend or family member who isn't interested in a flower-scented candle, football jersey, lotion set, or other "normal" gifts. That's just not their scene.

Our guide is here to help you find a gift they'll actually enjoy. 

So good on you for searching out something more to their liking rather than getting something more average. If you're shopping for the black sheep of your family, taking an extra moment to think about their likes and needs can go a long way to them feeling accepted and included according to studies. They'll really appreciate that.

How do I know? I'm a card-carrying, bone-collecting, strange-art loving, horror-obsessed, alternative-fashion rocking weirdo. 

How to pick the right unusual gift.

Not all of us weirdos are weird in the same way so you'll want to choose a gift that fits your friend's particular brand of strange. Go off of what they know.

Maybe they have unusual hobbies. Maybe they're into taxidermy or goth culture or maybe they just have an "unhealthy" obsession with true crime. Maybe they're gung-ho about trying unusual foods from around the world or like wearing t-shirts that make people do a double-take.

Even if you know nothing about your black sheep's favorite hobbies, our recommendations will make it easy to pick out an unusual gift that will really speak to their personality.

Some highlights of this gift guide include creepy books, gruesome films, and home decor items with a touch of the scientifically macabre.

In addition to the darker items on our list, we've included some items that are just plain unusual, which are perfect for those "hard to shop for" people on your holiday gift list.

What if you just want something unusual for a White Elephant or Secret Santa?

My advice? Go as random as you can. These days there are loads of strange gifts and not much is as shocking as it was 15 years ago so random, context-less gifts will get the most interesting reactions.