FOMO is Terrifying Over Half of All Social Media Users (Infographic)

Walk into any restaurant or public space with a crowd and you’re bound to see a good portion of people on their phones, laptopbs and tablets Facebook, Stumbling and Tweeting their lives away. Social media addiction is here to stay and with it has come the dreaded FOMO syndrome, or Fear of Missing Out. has reported a whopping 56% of social media users have it.

The beautiful thing about technology is that it’s allowed us the luxury to stay connected with the outside world 24/7, with that comes the fear that we might be missing out on important events, news, and status updates if we step outside our social media bubble.

One 1/4 of all social media users check their networks as soon as they wake up and 52% of users have thought about unplugging from a network and giving themselves a “social media vacation.”

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