Sydney Leathers Regrets Not Wearing Condom in Porn, Promotes Safe Sex

Anthony Weiner, Cameron Bay

Sydney Leather shot a porn flick, Weiner and Me, with star Xander Corvus.

Sydney Leathers is now promoting safe sex and says she regrets not using a condom in her recent porn flick Weiner and Me after having sex with an actor who days earlier slept with a star diagnosed with HIV, reports the Daily Mail.

Leathers, shared a sex partner with porn star Cameron Bay, who tested positive for HIV and sent the porn industry into a moratorium. Although Leathers was tested and did not contract the virus herself, she says she learned her lesson from the scare wants to promote the importance of safe sex.

“Some might call me a hypocrite for suddenly having this message about safe sex because I chose not to use a condom while filming my movie, Weiner and Me,” Leathers said in a statement on Tuesday. “I don’t think I’m a hypocrite though. I think it would be foolish of me to not learn from a teachable moment like this. Had I not said anything about this, it would have felt like a missed opportunity on my part. And we all know I don’t like to miss opportunities.”

Leathers was an unknown 23-year-old from Indiana before coming forward last month as having a sexual online romance with New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. She capitalized on her newly gained publicity and bagged a clothing endorsement deal, an appearance on the Howard Stern show, a paid hosting gig at a Manhattan strip club and a Vivid Entertainment porn contract.

Leather’s is now working towards getting the porn industry on board with the use of condoms during sex scenes.

“I feel like it’s my duty to stress the importance of using condoms,” she said. “Whether your partner is a porn star or not, you could be putting yourself at risk. You don’t know who all they have been with.”

She also expressed that is only takes one time to contract the virus.

“What’s so crazy about this is that the only time I’ve been sexually active in many months was during filming, so just think, ONE sexual experience could put you in a scary situation. It’s just worth it to protect yourself and your partner.”

The porn industry has recently come under fire for not requiring actors to wear condoms. “Exposing workers to this type of harm would not be accepted in any other industry in this nation,” said AIDS activist, Michael Weinstein. The industry, however, says that people do not want to see condoms and testing is done regularly to prevent disease transmission.