The 5 Best Butt Workouts You Can Do at Home

Best Butt Workout Videos

Your schedule might be tight, but that doesn’t mean your glutes can’t be tight too. These free online booty workouts range from short (3-minutes) to long and intense (20 minutes), so you can do the one that you have time for on any particular day. And building a better backside is not just for looking good in your bikini or in your skinny jeans, it’s important for everyday performance and health; the gluteus muscles play an important role in strengthening and stabilizing our back, legs and hips.

1. 3-Minute Bikini Model Booty Blaster

Amazing BUTT Workout: How to get a Sexy Booty!Female Fitness Model is teaching you a simple workout you can do to build a sexy butt. Most the equipment you can buy at a store cheap or find in the gym (I bought those ankle weights for $10 and a 20-30lbs barbell is less then $50 but you could probably find a used one…2012-06-09T01:01:58.000Z

This fitness model’s short workout features standing moves and plank exercises to target all areas of your rear. The camera angles sometimes do a little too much fitspo focus on her rear, but it’s still a good circuit that will get your butt muscles working. Even if you don’t use ankle weights like she does in the first exercise, you’ll still get a good workout.

2. 5-Minute Booty & Leg Toner

5 Minute Leg Leaner + Booty Toner – Lower Body Workout to Get Legs like a DancerCalorie burn & printable routine @ Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs – find out how @ Find us on Facebook @ Note: All information provided by Fitness Blender is of a general nature and is furnished only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is…2012-07-27T16:20:52.000Z

This short, effective workout by Fitness Blender is a nice mat series that you can do anywhere with no equipment. You can do it during commercial breaks, in the morning when you wake up, or any time that you have 5 minutes for a little self-care.

3. 10-Minute ‘Kim Kardashian’ Butt Workout

The Kim Kardashian Butt WorkoutEveryone knows what body part Kim Kardashian is most famous for—but not everyone knows how to get it. Today, we're going to show you how to get a butt like Kim's without surgery or a drastic change in your diet. Just follow along with fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise as she leads you through the Kim Kardashian…2012-11-20T02:46:31.000Z

XHIT’s butt workout has a mix of bridge, squat and plank variations with some cardio elements thrown in. It’s a killer workout that has even the super-fit trainer who’s demonstrating the exercises breathing hard.

4. 15-minute ‘Super Easy’ Workout

15 Min Glute Workout for Women At HomeThis at home butt lifting, glutes tightening workout is easy, yet challenging, which is.. Join for free! Experience our FREE app: 365 workouts & stream over 500 videos on-the-go. Complete details for this Butt Workout: More by Rebecca here: More Buttocks Workouts: Look for us on: Amazon ( Roku ( Over 50…2013-10-28T04:04:25.000Z

The perky and motivating trainer demonstrating the routine actually keeps you going through the 15 minutes, and there are excellent parts of active stretching built into the workout. This includes not just the traditional squat and lunge moves, but also Pilates and dance-based exercises to really target and tighten.

5. 20-minute ‘I Love My Butt’ Workout

Butt Exercises For ToningSign up for our newsletter: Subscribe: On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you the best butt exercises to lift and tone your butt! Remember, always mix up your workout to see better results lose weight quickly! This butt workout will help you burn fat and shape your booty for the…2013-05-24T19:49:12.000Z

This intense butt and thigh workout video includes skater hops, leg lifts and some creative lunges. When you have more time to work on your lower body, give this workout routine a try.

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