MAKE: Green Smoothie for St Patrick’s Day

green smoothie recipe

This delicious healthy green smoothie recipe is perfect for anytime, but especially for the morning of and the morning after St. Patty’s Day. Since you’re probably going to be partying hard, this smoothie recipe is packed with vitamins and nutrients to help your recovery. The banana has boatloads of potassium, which is a proven hangover helper; the kale adds essential minerals, vitamins, and fiber; and the protein-packed Greek yogurt fills you up and tastes delicious.

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

• 1 container (6 ounces) pineapple Greek yogurt
•  1 ripe banana
•  1 cup fresh kale (baby or regular) and/or spinach

Blend the ingredients to desired consistency and pour into serving glasses. If you wish, garnish with fresh raspberry and chia seeds for extra antioxidant and omega-3 benefits.

This recipe was developed for us by the lovely folks at Maia yogurt. Maia is only sweetened with actual fruit and natural cane sugar, has more than 25 billion strands of probiotics and is gluten-free, GMO-free, and rBST-free. You can find it in grocery stores including Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Giant, Safeway, Food Emporium, A&P, Pathmark.


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