Low-Carb 101: Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

Good carbs slow carbs

When low-carb diets like Atkins were all the rage, they were widely criticized by nutrition experts for their lack of fruits and vegetables. Many of the newer diets favor “good” carbs over “bad” carbs and even the new Atkins accounts for this difference.

The “good” ones have slow-burning carbohydrates that give you essential vitamins and nutrients like greens, beans, whole grains, melons, and apples. These carbs give you a slow-release of energy. “Bad” or fast carbs are foods like white bread, cookies, and soda that quickly convert to sugar in your body and lead to energy crashes, cravings, and weight gain. This infographic breaks it down for you.

Good, Slow-Burning Carbs:

Whole Wheat Bread
Steel Cut Oatmeal

Bad, Fast-Burning Carbs:

White Sandwich Bread
Coca Cola
White Potatoes

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