The Best New Health and Beauty Supplements to Take Right Now

Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert Lisa Lynn picked the hottest new health and beauty supplements that we've never heard of but need to try right now. Lynn recommends the ingredients that, when taken regularly over just a few weeks or months, help us to feel and look better.

About Lisa Lynn

Lisa Lynn, PT, FT, is a specialist in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition. Best known for her 13 years as Martha Stewart's personal trainer, Lynn is a regular expert guest on The Dr. Oz Show, has been featured in Fitness and Muscle magazines, and is the author of The Metabolism Solution. According to Lynn: “General nutrition isn’t giving most of us what our bodies need. Supplements give us more control over dosage so that we know we’re getting the necessary amount of the active ingredients. Plus in many cases, our bodies absorb the nutrients in supplements better than in food. What’s important is knowing your own body, so that you can choose the right ones."