Drinkable Sunscreen: Is It Possible to Sip SPF for Sun Protection?

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I am not a fan of chemical sunscreen because some of its main ingredients are quite toxic. Instead, I use physical sunblocks like zinc and titanium dioxide, which are healthier but are difficult to apply. So, I’d love it if this drinkable sunscreen actually worked. It’s still too early to tell, but here’s what we know about this new product so far.

Osmosis Skincare claims that their drinkable sunscreen can cancel out damaging UVA and UVB rays. Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of the company and formulator of this product, talks about the UV neutralizer in the above video.

The company claims that drinking their UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water is the equivalent of using SPF 30 sunscreen for a few hours. A $30 bottle will give enough protection for about 24 hours of sun exposure.

So does drinkable sunscreen work?

It’s new on the market, so there haven’t yet been outside tests done on the drinkable sunscreen.

Although scientists know that some foods like tomatoes can improve the natural SPF ability of skin, the drinkable sunscreen doesn’t contain any of these ingredients. Its label only says it contains “multiple vibration frequency blends” of harmonized water.

The American Academy of Dermatology recently released a statement warning people that they should not be using drinkable sunscreen in place of regular sunscreen.

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