MAKE: Homemade Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream recipe

It can sound crazy if you’ve never tried it, but vegan ice cream can actually be very good. I love the ‘real’ stuff, but I also enjoy dairy free versions when they’re well-done. And this recipe by Kelly V. Brozyna is very well-done. The big bonus is that it’s also healthy- it’s free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and refined sugar. So what’s left after that? Delicious things like coconut milk, cocoa, and dates.

Kelly V. Brozyna, who shared this recipe with us, is the author of the Paleo Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook, the Spunky Coconut Cookbook, and the Spunky Coconut blog.

This ice cream recipe is from Dairy-Free Ice Cream: 75 Recipes Made Without Eggs, Gluten, Soy, or Refined Sugar.

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

My dairy-free Chocolate Ice Cream is extra creamy because I use dates and thickener. Mmm…


1 (13-ounce) can full-fat coconut milk

heaping ½ cup (about 10) soft, pitted Medjool dates

1 cup almond, cashew, or hemp milk

1/3 cup cocoa or raw cacao powder

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

optional thickener: 1 tablespoon gelatin completely dissolved in ¼ cup boiling water OR ½ teaspoon guar gum


1. Put the coconut milk, and dates in the blender. Puree until smooth.

2. Add the almond, cashew, or hemp milk, cocoa or raw cacao powder, vanilla

extract, and thickener (if using). Puree until smooth.

3. Freeze for about an hour or refrigerate until cold.

4. Pour into the ice cream machine, per manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Eat right away or freeze until hard for pretty scoops.

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