Paleo Recipes: The Best Paleo Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and Desserts Online

These are the best places online to find Paleo, primal, and caveman recipes, whether you want a meaty meal, fresh salad, Paleo breakfast, or decadent-tasting dessert. These are also good resources for gluten-free and dairy-free eaters since the Paleo diet is both of these things.

1. Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Caveman diet recipes

George Bryant, the man behind Civilized Caveman, is a self-taught chef and a former Marine who found good health in the Paleo lifestyle after battling his weight for a decade. His wildly popular blog features his real foods cooking and his grain-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free Paleo recipes.

Paleo Recipes like: Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet, Crock pot pulled pork, Paleo banana bread.

2. Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo foods

This is a fun food blog to follow and read whether you always eat Paleo or not. Michele Tam, the blogger, is a funny writer and great food photographer and recipe developer. The whole thing feels personal, accessible, fresh, and young. You can also order her cookbook here.

Paleo Recipes like: Bacon and Guacamole Sammies, Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, Easy Paleo frittata

3. PaleOMG

Paleo recipes sites

One of the most popular Paleo food blogs, PaleOMG has pretty pictures and droolworthy dishes that make it seem like Paleo is not a diet at all. Great layout and breakdown of Paleo eggs, Paleo breakfast, Paleo treats, etc. If you love her stuff, order her cookbook here.

Paleo Recipes like: Apple and arugula bison burgers, Chai spiced fruit pork chops.

4. Eat Drink Paleo

Paleo recipes and drinks

Gorgeous food blog from Australia with great recipes, a slick design, and food porn-worthy photography. Irena Macri’s goal is to show how diverse and interesting Paleo cooking can be and she does a really good job fulfilling her promise.

Paleo Recipes like: Paleo Peking duck pancakes, Mango orange trifle, Chipotle meatballs.

5. Everyday Paleo

Everyday Paleo

This is a blog to bookmark, especially if you need good Paleo recipes on a busy schedule. It’s written by a working mother Sarah Fragaso who serves up both simple and creative Paleo cuisine.

Paleo Recipes like: Fish n’ Chips, Thai basil beef lettuce wraps, Halibut with ginger mango salsa

6. Paleo Pot

Slow cooker Paleo recipes

Paleo Crockpot and slow cooker recipes galore. Easy, healthy, convenient, and good.

Paleo Recipes like: Slow cooker chipotle brisket, Slow cooker Mexican cauliflower rice, Pomegranate apple Paleo short ribs.

7. Paleo Comfort Foods

Paleo recipes online

If you want comfort food for a Paleo lifestyle, then this is your place for all the heartwarming dishes that don’t make you think of being on a ‘diet’ at all.

Paleo Recipes like: Tailgating deviled eggs, Pork chops with plum sauce, Paleo gumbo.

8. Health-Bent

Healthy recipes Paleo

This food site has the best tagline out there: “Recipes for looking good naked.” This is not a strict Paleo blog, as the bloggers are mostly (not strictly) Paleo. They do, however, have some really good Paleo recipes.

Paleo Recipes like: Paleo huevos rancheros, Primal pesto tuna salad, Paleo double chocolate chip cookies

9. Taylor Made It Paleo

Paleo desserts recipes

I can’t imagine cavewoman baking Paleo muffins, but if that’s your fantasy then this food blog is the one you need for all your treats and sweets.

Paleo Recipes like: Almond butter peach cobbler, Paleo lemon bars, banana bread coffee cakes.

10. Practical Paleo

Easy Paleo recipes

This blog is written by a mom of a family of four, and she gives us ‘everyday food to power modern life’.

Paleo Recipes like: Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Primal pancakes, Paleo taco salad

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