Kate Middleton’s New Diet: How the Duchess Dropped the Baby Weight

Kate Middleton diet

At Bletchley Park June 18 (left) and Royal Charity Polo June 16 (right)

The Duchess of Cambridge is looking slim and trim just 10 months after giving birth to Prince George. Here’s how she lost the rest of the baby weight and got that glowing complexion.

1. Kate Middleton is Trying the Raw Food Diet

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According to the Daily Mail, Kate is now trying the raw food diet. I’ve probably been in Los Angeles too long, but I was surprised that most media outlets are describing the diet as ‘trendy’, ‘unusual’, or ‘extreme’. It is not unusual, in my neck of the woods, to eat at raw food restaurants. Even regular, everyday folks here will go on raw food detoxes for short periods of time to clean out their systems.

2. She Loves Ceviche and Gazpacho

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Enjoy this Scallop and Plum Ceviche for your appetizer this Mexican holiday.

Kate Middleton has good taste, as we already know from her wardrobe; reports are saying that she loves ceviche and gazpacho. Other favorites? Watermelon salad and tabbouleh.

3. She’s Also Trying the Raw Food Diet to Help Her Complexion

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According to sources, Kate is looking after her figure but also her face. Many raw foodies report that their hair becomes thicker and their skin clears up after they transition to a raw food diet.

4. The Duchess of Cambridge is a Tiny UK Size 6


A US Size 6 is also trim, but a UK Size 6 is even smaller – it converts to a teeny tiny US Size 2. For someone that is very tall (Kate Middleton is 5’10”), that’s a super small clothing size.

5. Kate Works Out and Usually Eats Low-Carb

Kate is an athlete (she was the captain of her college field hockey team and also rows crew), so she always seems to stay active and fit. She did interval training, jogged, and did yoga pre and post pregnancy, and she has said before that she eats a low-carb, higher protein diet.

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