Navy SEAL Workout From Start to End

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This is a full-length Navy SEAL workout filmed at the Naval special warfare center in San Diego. Navy SEALs are famous for their physical fitness because they need it to do their jobs well. As the instructor in this 50-minute workout video says: “Navy SEALS conduct special operations and clandestine operations that require SEALs to be in top physical condition to succeed and survive at their missions.”

So this workout is not just for looking good on the beach or getting great abs, it’s for real-world strength, endurance, and performance.

* Remember, training should be PROGRESSIVE. So don’t rush into trying to complete this rigorous workout if you are not already in good shape. If you are working up to a high level of fitness, then perhaps split this workout up into parts that you do on different days. Once you can do this whole workout (impressive!), then the SEAL instructor in the video recommends that you do it twice a week with a running or swimming program.

And please, stop if you are feeling sick or nauseous.

NAVY SEALS Training Plan:

Warm up:

Jumping jacks

Pull Exercises:

Pull-ups (close grip and wide grip)
Chin-ups (close grip and wide grip)

Push Exercises:

Dips on a bar
Tricep (triangle) push-ups
Wide arm push-ups
Dive bomber push-ups


Cross-arm sit-ups
Flutter kicks
Fast half sit-ups
Cruncher sit-ups
Lizard stretch
Atomic sit-ups
Good morning darlings (head and neck up, legs lifted off the ground, open and close legs rapidly)
Neck stretches


Charlie Chaplins (quick calf lifts)

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