Weight Loss Tips from Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson: Think Like a Boy Scout

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We all want to know how to get in shape now that tank top and beach season are here. To get some quick and effective weight loss tips, I asked one of the most famous trainers in the business. Watch any movie, TV show, or magazine spread, and you’ll see bodies shaped by Gunnar Peterson.

Gunnar’s client list reads like the headlines from the celebrity magazines at every grocery checkout line: Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergera, Jennifer Lopez, Angelie Jolie, and top athletes from the NBA, NHL, and USTA. He also trains everyday folks in private coaching sessions in his Beverly Hills gym.

Peterson is an editor for Muscle and Fitness and the developer of the Core Secrets program and The Gunnar Challenge.

How to Lose Weight: Gunnar Peterson’s Top 3 Simple Tips

Gunnar’s top weight loss and get-in-shape tips are all centered around the phrase: Be Prepared. This simple concept, which is also the official Boy Scouts motto, means the difference between success and failure.

In his work, he’s seen clients do all the hard work sweating for hours at the gym, only to blow it at home, while traveling, or at calorie-heavy parties. Here, he tells us in his own words, how to make sure all those workout hours are not in vain.

1. Weight Loss Tip: Keep Good Food in Your House All the Time

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“Keeping nutritious food in the house to prevent making poor choices when hunger hits.”

Studies show that people tend to eat healthier at home and higher calorie food when eating out.

2. Weight Loss Tip: Always Have Some Healthy Protein with You

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“I always stock my kitchen and office with almonds. Just a handful has the crunch, fiber and protein that keep me full and satisfied during the day.”

3. Weight Loss Tip: Always Practice ‘Defensive Eating’

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“This means planning ahead and fueling up with wholesome foods to prevent unhealthy temptations later. Whether heading to a barbecue, ball game, or especially to the airport for summer travel, have a nutritious snack beforehand – and pack one to-go – to avoid food traps.”